Claude chronicles his roller coaster love experience in a new single “Long Fall”

Claude chronicles his roller coaster love experience in a new single “Long Fall”
Talented musician, Claude, gives a captivating narrative of his experience with love in “Long Fall”

Claude has been able to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry in a relatively short while, and is looking to continue in the tradition of making message-filled yet entertaining music with “Long Fall.” The emotional chronicle of his bitter-sweet experience with love is set to be officially released on March 17th and is currently available for pre-order on different digital platforms for listeners across the globe.

Music, like any other form of art, is a channel used in expressing one’s feelings. Over the years, the world of music has witnessed tremendous growth. One artist that has used music as his mouthpiece and a mode of expressing himself and happenings around him is Claude. His unique style of delivering thought-provoking yet entertaining lyrics, which has become his signature over the years, makes Claude a force in the industry. This trait has again been reiterated with the release of “Long Fall,” offering listeners an amazing mix of wordplay and good content.

In the 3-minute rendition of a fantastic voice on a melodious tune, Claude pours his heart out as he details his love journey, which includes his rise to the highest altitude in the love realm. The song chronicles how he rose to the summit and slowly lost track of everything, including himself and of course, the love he struggled for, which eventually led to a fall that hurt like a piercing knife. Claude also talked about his survival of the “trying times” and how he was convinced against all the odds that it was a phase, which would pass.

In his latest single, “Long Fall,” Claude gives his fans and music lovers across the globe more of the signature sound that has stood him out since he released his first project in October 2019. The fantastic wordplay in “Long Fall” delivered on a melodious beat is a further reiteration of Claude’s dedication to making life-changing music without sacrificing the entertainment that comes with listening to good music.

Other works from Claude include Esperando pelo Recomeço, Not forgotten and Just Pretend.

“Long Fall” is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Google Play. Sources have it that “Long Fall” will be Claude’s last single for the year as he plans to release an album in the coming months.

For more information about Claude and his works, please visit Facebook and SoundCloud.

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