Classic Fairytale Redo “Little Red” reminds that Happily Ever After Does Not Come Easily; Premieres on Premium VOD this month

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Culver City, CA  (March 24, 2016) – “Little Red,” new this month to premium VOD channels, is a thoughtful, modern day retelling of the classic fairytale that leaves you both bewondered and a little unsettled.  A cautionary tale for young teens, “Little Red” is beautifully shot and rich with imagery. “Little Red” tells the story of 11 year old Red (Hannah Obst), who sets out on her own to see the wild horses of Cumberland Island.  Still smarting from what she believes is a betrayal by her parents to send her to winter camp against her wishes, she brazenly embarks on her journey and unintentionally finds herself contending with the adult wolves of the world – human and otherwise. She soon finds out that the world is a much more frightening place than she had imagined. Red encounters a Big Bad Wolf (Mark Metcalf) who does not want her to travel alone, and seems to always be lurking in the shadows watching her.   Red must rely on the help of her older and more worldlier companion, Kayla (Paige Bunker), to help navigate a world that she is unfamiliar with – one fraught with very little adult protection. As the Big Bad Wolf closes in on the girls, they must work together to protect each other and overcome the fears and challenges they both face.

 A festival favorite, “Little Red” took home several Best Feature Film Awards at both US and International film festivals. Emmy award winning Cinematographer/Director Tate Bunker (Gumbo TV) a Minnesota  filmmaker, offers his unique organic filmmaking method, saying “My approach is to discover a film instead of simply creating it, and to merge the beauty of common moments with the mythical.”  He continues, “I take advantage of spontaneous on-set occurrences by identifying allegorical themes that surface during my review of the raw footage.”


‘Little Red’ premieres this month on DirectTV, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Hoopla.


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