City Dog Co. Announces Launch Of Indiegogo Campaign For City Gypsy Project

City Gypsy launches Indiegogo campaign for their uniquely designed pet carrier.

City Gypsy has announced that their fund raising campaign is live on Indiegogo. City Gypsy is being advertised as the most compact pet carrier ever made. Lots of effort and time has gone into creating this pet-specific product that is not only stylish and durable but also easy to clean, care for and maintain.

“We want to bring City Gypsy to all pet lovers so that they can give the optimum care and comfort to their pets,” says the spokesperson for City Dog Co, the creators of this special product for pets. “It is quite unlike the pet carriers that are available on the market today. We want to ensure that your pet has a pampered life and has all the comforts needed for growing up with ease.”

The lack of a proper and convenient way to carry pets has often forced families to leave their flurry member behind which takes all the fun out of trips and holidays. Less agile pet carriers can become a major nuisance on trips as valuable time is spent on handing them properly.

City Dog Co. was founded by an ex-advertising executive from NYC with limited space but with a passion for traveling. The company was founded to ensure a luxury pet lifestyle for small pets living in huge cities. The company also wanted to focus on creating an eco-friendly and compact footprint. Thus the idea of the City Gypsy was born. The brand name denotes the uniqueness and spontaneity of city life where people have to deal with new challenges and new experiences every day.

City Gypsy has been carefully designed to ensure that all pet related essentials can be placed in a compact drawer and carried around conveniently. The 6” X 7” X 1” City Gypsy is closed and can be clipped on the bag of the user or placed in the tote. It can also be carried as a wristlet when people want to travel light. The product can be neatly tucked away in a drawer. It is ideal for those who are challenged for free space – a challenge commonly encountered by those living in busy cities.

The eco-friendly and machine washable City Gypsy has been designed to make sure that pets too get the same quality of care as those in the family enjoy. The product is made from 100% organic cotton for best level of comfort.

With the City Gypsy, pet owners can enjoy all the comforts of home in one place even while on the move. The carrier comes with features like wrist strap for carrying alone or attaching to the tote, zippered base pocket to hold essentials, poop bag dispenser, treat pocket, D-ring to hold leash and water bowl conveniently, leash clip and more.

The City Gypsy also offers the option of multiple windows for various functions. There are sturdy and adjustable shoulder straps provided. The expandable 3D printed stability board provides added base support.

The Indiegogo campaign for City Gypsy is targeting a flexible goal of $30,000. There are several perks and bonuses for participants based on their level of contribution to the funding campaign.

About City Gypsy:

City Gypsy is a creatively designed pet carrier that comes with a series of features to make it easy for pet lovers to carry their flurry friends around. It is the most compact carried ever created and is also eco-friendly and machine washable. The all-in-one carrier offers the highest level of convenience.

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