Circle Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce a Smart Personal Safety Device

Circle is a new innovative smart personal device intended to provide safety at all times.

Whether walking alone in a parking lot, traveling alone, or jogging alone in the park, the Circle combines an alarm, texting, and phone’s GPS to provide a trifecta of safety devices all in one small convenient piece of technology that is no bigger than a wafer of bread.

The safety benefits of using the Circle are:

  • A loud panic alarm keeps threats away from users

  • During the time that the panic alarm is activated, 3 different individuals will get an emergency text message every 8 seconds until the alarm is turned off

  • A GPS location ping that can be viewed on a map to help locate an individual

In addition to safety, there are some other useful features of the Circle:

  • A 2-way tracker that allows a person to find a misplaced phone from up to 656 feet / 200 meters away

  • Wirelessly remote control the camera on the app

  • Auto backup that will restore a user’s settings

  • Supports both iOS and android systems

With a super easy setup and use of app, the Circle is a perfect device for everybody especially for women’s and child’s safety.  

You can hang the Circle on a purse, book bag, or keychain.  If these items are misplaced, easily find them using a phone’s GPS locator on the Circle App.  

There is no monthly fee for the use of the Circle.  

The benefits to using the Circle are only limited by the imagination.  This lightweight, inconspicuous device is a breakthrough in personal safety.  Make life safer today with the Circle.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $6 CAD (approx. $5 USD) to $556 CAD (approx. $426 USD), with rewards including:

  • A big thanks from the inventors for helping make people safer in the world

  • An early single circle pack that allows receipt of a Circle at a 22% savings with select colors not available to the general public

  • A pair of Circles in 3 different color choices to protect a person and their loved ones at at 25% savings

  • An early family Circle pack that contains 4 Circles at a 27% savings in choice of colors

  • An early mini-group Circle pack that contains 10 Circles at a 29% savings   

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About the Circle:  

The Circle is the name of an innovative smart personal safety device that alerts friends and others to a specific location in the instance of harm or injury.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Circle Ltd
Contact Person: Jay Liu
Phone: +886916278130
City: Taipei City
Country: Taiwan