Cigars and Conversations Debuts on Streaming TV Network, e360tv

“Cigars and Conversations,” is debuting on e360tv with episode one going live on December 7, 2018 and episode two premiering on December 13th. “Cigars and Conversations” takes place at the Harlem Cigar Room, an upscale cigar connoisseur’s paradise. Host, Gil Rushford interviews guests including one of the founders of hip hop, Kool DJ Red Alert, BET comedian, Smokey Suarez, motivational speaker, D. Graham, rap star, Neek Bucks, sports stars, philanthropists and other influencers. Conversations start with a cigar and they end with valuable insight into their minds on sports, politics, fashion, religion and local events. The show has been sponsored by iconic watch designer, Eddie Johnson, and his brand of watches, Verdure Watches.

Eddie remarks, ““Cigars & Conversations” and beautiful timepieces go together like puzzle pieces. They just fit. Coupled with two of the classiest gentlemen on talk show television as they sport the classiest watches on the market, they exude everything Verdure stands for, inclusive of class, style, refined taste, and excellence. Tune in to the show and enjoy a cigar and great conversation. Now that is ‘Time Well Spent’.”

Producer Gil Rushford, known from other programs, including the drama “The Misconception of Donald Jones” knew that the pairing of “Cigars and Conversations” and Verdure Watches was the perfect fit. “What inspired GoldRush Films to partner with Verdure Watches on Cigars & Conversations is that the watch brand is an elegant, classy, and edgy design that matched the vision and energy of the show.”

The show will debut on e360tv streaming network on Friday, December 7, 2018 which is found via the website, or on the e360tv app available on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. e360tv is a the “mecca for independent content” which includes mainstream and alternative, niche content on the news, culture, entertainment and lifestyle, including cannabis (e.g., investing, business, medical research).

e360tv will be promoting the show via social media and digital advertising to promote the show and the supporting sponsor, Verdure Watches. Verdure Watches is known for their hypnotizing style of watches that are not only luxurious and elegant for both men and women but also considered one of the highest values in the luxury watch community. The watches also includes a deployment clasp on the band for less wear and tear and mechanics that do not require a battery. In further support of “Cigars and Conversations,” Verdure has a special offer for the audience.

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