Cidar Group Holdings Corporation Founded To Help Small Businesses

Former Wall Street Executive Joseph Radic Announces His Latest Venture

Cidar Group Holdings Corporation is a private equity firm focused on investing in growth-oriented small-market companies. “Our mission is to partner with business owners to help drive the next chapter of growth”, stated Joseph Radic, President of Cidar Group Holdings.

Cidar Group Holdings partners with owners and stakeholders of successful small-market companies to maximize their potential. Mr. Radic is the largest investor in the firm, using his own funds. The corporation’s interests are aligned with those of their partners, with the primary goal being “long-term, sustainable value creation through transformational change, organic growth, and strategic acquisitions.”

Joseph Radic has over 20 years of trading and capital markets experience, including the last 14 years at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., where he most recently led the firm’s small cap trading effort. His areas of expertise include capital markets, IPOs, investor relations, and alternative investments. He has been responsible for building two financial trading platforms over the last 20 years, one of which grossed over $14M and the other over $20M in annual revenue.

Throughout his executive career, Joseph has held leadership positions at various organizations including NDB Capital Markets, Sanford C. Bernstein, and Needham & Company. He currently serves as the President of Emmor Works, which is a bespoke online furniture retailer and manufacturer of custom wood farmhouse, cottage, industrial and conference tables.

When asked why he created Cidar Group Holdings Corporation, President Joseph Radic answered, “I believe so passionately in educating small businesses owners about their options, so that I can help them grow. I want to nurture entrepreneurs so that they can take their companies to the next level. Our firm aims to teach our customers how to release the generational equity contained in their family business. This is vital because, for many of our of clients, their entire net worth is tied up in their family business.”

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