Chronic Venous Ulceration Market Size, Epidemiology, Drugs and Competitive Analysis by DelveInsight | Companies: Rheacell, MediWound, Tissue Tech etc.

Chronic Venous Ulceration Market Size, Epidemiology, Drugs and Competitive Analysis by DelveInsight | Companies: Rheacell, MediWound, Tissue Tech etc.

Chronic Venous Ulceration Market


DelveInsight’s ‘Chronic Venous Ulceration Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast– 2030’ report delivers an in-depth understanding of the CVU, historical and forecasted epidemiology as well as the CVU market trends in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom) and Japan.


Some of Chronic Venous Ulceration Facts:

  • The total 7MM prevalent cases of Venous Ulcers in 2020 was estimated to be 4,231,024 out of which the highest prevalent cases of this disease will be observed in the United States, which was estimated to be 2,586,725 in 2020.
  • In 2020, the total diagnosed prevalence of Venous Ulcers was estimated to be 4,311,625 cases in the 7MM.
  • In the United States, the number of males and females with Venous Ulcers was estimated to 1,052,221 and 1,578,331, respectively, in 2020.
  • In the United States, the diagnosed prevalence of Venous Ulcers were highest in the age group of >70 years followed by 60–70 years and
  • In the EU5 countries the total diagnosed prevalent population of Venous Ulcers was observed to be maximum in Germany with 326,283 cases, followed by France with 229,729 cases in 2017. While, the least number of cases were observed in Spain, i.e., 176,037 in 2017. In Japan, the diagnosed prevalence of Venous Ulcers was estimated to be 490,734 in 2020.


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Some of Chronic Venous Ulceration Companies:

·         Rheacell

·         MediWound

·         Tissue Tech

·         PRP Concepts

·         SerenaGroup

·         Merakris Therapeutics

·         Amnio Technology

·         And Many Others


Venous ulcer is defined as a full-thickness defect of skin, most frequently in ankle region, that fails to heal spontaneously and is sustained by chronic venous disease. Chronic vein ulcer (CVU) is a defect in the skin below the level of knee that occurs due to improper functioning of venous valves, persisting for more than six weeks with no tendency to heal after three or more months. Hence, also known as leg ulcers or lower limb ulcer or venous ulcers or venous insufficiency or stasis ulcer.

Risk factors for venous ulcers include varicose veins, history of blood clots in the legs (deep vein thrombosis), blockage of the lymph vessels, which causes fluid to build up in the legs, older age, being female, or being tall, family history of venous insufficiency, obesity, pregnancy, smoking, sitting or standing for a long periods (usually for work) and fracture of a long bone in the leg or other serious injuries, such as burns or muscle damage.


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Some of Chronic Venous Ulceration Drugs Covered:

  • ·   Allo-APZ2-CVU

    ·    EscharEx

    ·    TTAX01

    ·    And Many Others


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Table of Contents:

1 Key Insights

2 Executive Summary

3 SWOT Analysis

4 Chronic venous ulceration (CVU) Market Overview at a Glance

5 Disease Background and Overview: Chronic venous ulceration (CVU)

6 Recognized Establishments

7 Treatment

8 Compression therapy after invasive treatment of superficial veins of the lower extremities: Clinical practice guidelines of the American Venous Forum, Society for Vascular Surgery, American College of Phlebology, Society for Vascular Medicine, and International Union of Phlebology (2019)

9 Evidenceā€based (S3) guidelines for diagnostics and treatment of venous leg ulcers- European Dermatology Forum (2016)

10 Wound healing society – Guidelines for venous ulcers (2015)

11 Epidemiology and Patient Population

12 7MM Epidemiology of Chronic Venous Ulceration (CVU)

13 Unmet Needs

14 Emerging Drugs

15 Market Access and Reimbursement

16 Chronic venous ulceration (CVU): Seven Major Market Analysis

17 Case Reports

18 Market Drivers

19 Market Barriers

20 KOL Reviews

21 Appendix

22 DelveInsight Capabilities

23 Disclaimer

24 About DelveInsight


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