Chris Skinner’s Intelligent Money: When Money Thinks For You is a Groundbreaking Book about the Digital Money Revolution

Intelligent Money by Chris Skinner showcases a future where we do not think about money, our money thinks for us.

Chris Skinner is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author and independent commentator on financial markets and fintech through his blog, the

A prolific author, Chris has penned 18 books covering everything from European regulations in banking through the credit crisis to the future of banking. He is a sought-after speaker, delivering powerful keynote speeches at conferences and events; a visiting lecturer with Cambridge University; as well as a TEDx speaker. He is a non-executive director of 11:FS and on the advisory boards of many FinTech and financial firms including WebAccountPlus.

In recent years, he has been voted one of the UK’s foremost fintech observers by The Telegraph and one of the most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal’s Financial News and Thomson Reuters. He has also been recently added to The Mad 33 List for Inspirational change and transformation leaders – making a difference – making the future a reality, as well as receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Payments Association.

A multi-faceted talent, Chris is also the author of the successful children’s book series, Captain Cake and the Candy Crew, and the co-founder of The Portrait Foundation, a non-profit platform to encourage children and the arts.

This one-on-one interview shares Chris Skinner’s background and experience in writing his latest book, Intelligent Money: When Money Thinks For You.

Tell us about Intelligent Money.

WHO cares about the money of the future?

WHY should I care about money of the future?

HOW does money become intelligent, both digitally and artificially?

This book explains and shows that, by 2030, as money becomes networked and intelligent, it will revolutionize everything. Intelligent money will make money personal; individualize currency and its usage; secure it; enable it to automatically grow to meet our personal goals; manage risk automatically; and make life simpler and easier for all.

What inspired you to write Intelligent Money?

With the emergence of Generative AI, where machines can do things humans used to do – create, write, entertain, invest, and more – we have reached the stage where we can delegate financial management to systems. Add to this, that money can now be decentralized as cryptocurrencies, and digitalized as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and you have this whole magi cauldron of change over the next decade.

What does this mean for humans? I tried to answer that question through this book.

How did your background and experience influence your writing?

I am known around the world as one of the most influential thought leaders on the future of banking, finance and technology.

I helped found one of the first mobile banks in the world, and advised CEOs and leaders from every continent of the world including the United Nations, the White House, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

Through my blog,, I regularly forecast changes in finance driven by technology.

As a speaker, I have worked worldwide delivering advice, keynote speeches, presentations and workshops to many banks and vendors including: Accenture, American Express, Bank of America, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, Liberty Bank, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and more.

As an author, I have written 18 books focused on where technology is taking us and what our future could look like. In Doing Digital, I share lessons on how to do digital transformation through interviews with leading global banks such as BBVA, China Merchants Bank, DBS, ING and JPMorgan Chase. In Digital Human, I show how digitalization is a revolution that allows everyone, from the plains of Africa to the mountains of Tibet, to be included. In Digital Bank, I provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the battle for digital banking and strategies for companies to compete. Now, with Intelligent Money, I showcase how money becoming digitally networked and intelligent will revolutionize everything.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

We no longer use cash anymore, we use data.

If your money is data, then you can delegate it to intelligent agents that are either centralized with banks or decentralized with democratized currencies such as bitcoin. Which one do you choose, or do you choose both? It’s your choice, but this book explains the implications of your decisions either way.

Ultimately, the future is both exciting and scary but, as always, the key thing to remember is that it is you and me creating it. The future is the only thing you can change. Make it your change.

Endorsements for Intelligent Money

“A frighteningly accurate dose of reality and vision that needs careful reading.” Nick Ogden, the inventor of e-Commerce

“For anyone wondering what’s next in the world of finance, this book shines a light on the latest thinking.” Anne Boden, founder and former CEO of Starling Bank

“The world of Intelligent Money is not utopian. It is not very neat or particularly pretty. But it is customer-led, exciting and optimistic.” Tony Craddock, Director General, The Payments Association

“You had me at Lego Bank, Darth Vader, and George Orwell!” Theo Lau, author of The Metaverse Economy

“Skinner presents a compelling vision of the future of financial services.” Jesse McWaters, Financial Services Project Leader at the World Economic Forum

“Chris Skinner [is] one of the most authoritative voices on Fintech.” Seth Wheeler, Former Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House

Purchasing the Book

Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy of Intelligent Money: When Money Thinks For You at and visit the author’s blog at for cutting-edge insights on FinTech, finance, banking, technology and, most importantly, the future.

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