Chou Sauvage brings meaningful art pieces for everyone to purchase

Chou Sauvage is an online store that offers meaningful art forms by talented artists online, for all the art enthusiasts to view and purchase easily. Going by their slogan, “Art should mean something. Art should make you feel something. Art should be available to all”, the brand has curated some of the best art pieces from the popular artists to bring them on an online platform and contribute to the democratization of art.

Chou Sauvage believes that without being faced with intimidation or pretentious attitudes, people should be able to peruse works of art and find something affordable with which they can connect. Unlike in the art exhibitions or in high profile showrooms where they leave the price of the art piece to customer’s imagination, Chou Savage aims to provide clear pricing on all its artwork so that the customers can decide what they want and order it online right from their home to get it delivered to their doorstep.

One of the art pieces available at the online store is titled “Apple”, created by artist Anna Zolotukhina, who defines her artwork as an interpretation of Adam’s apple, which tells of human attachments and the inevitable. The art piece comes with a high quality printed canvas sheet which can be formed or mounted. Another artwork named Voluptuous by Shannon McBride. She started following her passion for only a year before and turned her son’s room into a studio to create art pieces. Her artwork ‘Voluptuous’ leaves all the interpretation to the viewer’s imagination. The sleek use of colors, lines, textures, and shapes in her artwork depicts hidden meanings depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Chou Savage is established to share works of art that are meaningful, powerful and energize the living or work space with emotions. A wonderful art piece can instantly lift up the beauty of any living space which is why the brand presents a range of carefully curated artworks by extremely talented artists. All the art pieces can be seen at

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