Choose Your Own Adventure Style Pilot The Chronic Adventure Story has Key Crew Members in Place

“Collin Rouseau, assistant director and co-producer of The Chronic Adventure Story.”
The writer and director of The Chronic Adventure Story aims to attract interest from Netflix for this innovative pilot episode inspired by the popular Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Boston, MA – Eric Bergquist, writer and director of The Chronic Adventure Story, is putting his team of crew members together in preparation for the start of filming of this pilot episode that he expects will attract the interest of Netflix.

“We have a great script, talented crew, and a terrific cast lineup. The Chronic Adventure Story is the first of its kind, and is perfect for streaming on Netflix,” explained Bergquist.

The pilot consists of four interchangeable acts, which can be viewed in 24 different permutations chosen by viewers. In the pilot episode, Samuel Gibson finds himself in the middle of a plagiarism dispute over his fiction bestseller, and is suddenly faced with the alternative realities from his own story. Bergquist believes viewers will feel compelled to view all 24 outcomes.

Ray DaSilva has been selected as producer, Collin Rousseau assistant director and co-producer, Dave Bresnahan associate producer, and Joshua Pioccone editor.

Rousseau, DaSilva, and Bergquist teamed up previously to make their first film, Analogic, which gained praise because of the focus it gave to interpersonal problems paired with autism spectrum disorders.

DaSilva assisted producers at Ghost Robot & Seftel Productions in New York City to develop new projects such as Revolutions on Air, a documentary for the Red Bull Music Academy. He assisted director Kosta Papanicolas, produced a Discovery Channel medical documentary series, and also worked on Beyond The Gate, filmed in Belem, Brazil.

“Collin Rousseau is constantly working to improve his craft. After working on Analogic, he has spent the last two years working on countless projects all over the Northeast,” said Bergquist.

“Joshua Pioccone has been working on feature films and a number of post-production projects in the Boston area,” Bergquist added.

Dave Bresnahan (Mythica) has produced 10 films in the past four years, and is currently producing The Duke of Tralee (TriStar Finance).

Bergquist said he plans to film The Chronic Adventure Story pilot episode in the Boston area for the fall of 2017, or as soon as funding is in place.

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