Choose the right coffee table to decorate the house

Landing the right furniture to complement home style can take a lot of time and effort. Getting things right on the first go-around is always much more nice. Buying a sofa that just won’t fit or splurging an expensive painting in the wrong color can be quite frustrating! A better way to start is by choosing room design around a centerpiece, a coffee table. This way people can decorate and accessorize around it. The coffee table is an all-essential part of living room. As a place to rest feet after a hard day at work or a statement piece that showcases style at first glance, it is a necessary piece of living room puzzle. Let’s explore various options by going over the different types of coffee tables.

Wood  Classic yet modern, wooden coffee tables are the most popular kind of table people find in a living room. Whether softwood, hardwood, or MDF, the uses of wood in building a coffee table are numerous. Ranging from simple designs to more complicated ones or mixed with other mediums, wood is always a great choice. 

Features of wood coffee tables Style: Modern, rustic, country, and Scandinavian are only a handful of types of decors that wooden coffee table can portray. The versatility of tones and grains makes it a go-to for many designs. People can choose to have it stained dark to fit a more transitional aesthetic or in light tones to suit a more contemporary theme. Either way, wood wins the award for the most natural look every time. 

An advantage of wood coffee tables is their durability. If something happens to them, they can easily be mended. Wood is often more eco-friendly and sustainable. Wood is versatile in its use and very easy to maintain. A few styles of wooden coffee tables are mid-century modern, traditional, French country, and transitional. 

Metal  Metal coffee tables lean more toward industrial and modern looks. They are made from stainless steel and aluminum to give it a popular, shiny finish. With their intricately carved designs, metal coffee tables will win the heart at a glance. 

Features of metal coffee tables Glass, marble, and wood are a few elements with which metal can pair. This way, it adapts its look to fit different tastes and styles. If people decide to get a mix of metal and another element, the balance of wood, glass, or marble on top of the metal support, adds another layer of elegant complexity to these tables. If someone is a fan of clean lines, he can stop here, because metal tables make bold statements with their sleek glam look.

Simplicity: the simplicity of metal coffee tables design means they often take up less space than wood or marble.

Metal coffee tables are a good choice because they are easy to keep clean. They are durable and can stand heavy usage. Metal has a very long lifespan. It withstands everyday use better than other materials. It is also not susceptible to attack from insects and maintains its shine. Metal is the true ode to the industrial era. Pair it with wood and its true beauty comes out.

Glass A glass table is an elegant addition to any living room. Glass furniture can be fabricated from tempered glass, ordinary glass, or annealed glass. Furniture made from tempered glass is sturdy and lasts a long time. Glass is well-loved for the airy feel and attractive elegance it brings to a room. Glass coffee tables are a prime choice for smaller living rooms. They are transparent, and can help give the appearance of extra space. They are used in several different decor styles and are the chameleon of design by not distracting from other pieces in the room.

Features of glass coffee tables Glass furniture is easy to clean and does not require special polishing. It is made from heat-strengthened glass and lasts for a very long time without losing its looks.

Glass furniture goes well with the clean lines of Scandinavian, Art Deco, and Hollywood Glam decor styles.

Marble If people want to speak the language of timeless elegance, go for stone! With classic lines and soft streaks, no two stones are the same. Some common types of marble for coffee tables are Calcatta, Carrara, and Arabescato. Now, people can even get faux marble tops to replicate the look. But beware of high maintenance as marble can easily retain stains. Don’t forget the drink coasters!

Features of marble coffee tables Stylish: Marble coffee tables are chic. The variety of choices and colors will please even the most discerning customer. Mixing marble with other materials like metal does not take anything away from it, rather, it adds a subtle variation to the design.

Eco-Friendly Durable: Marble does not fade. All it needs is a good polish, and it is good to go!

 Modern, Coastal, and Glam are the names of the game in this neutral forward decor style.

Acrylic Acrylic closely resembles glass and can be used to replace it. It is transparent and made from a high-grade kind of plastic called poly (methyl methacrylate). It can be used much like glass furniture, though it is much stronger and more applications are possible.

Features of Acrylic coffee tables Acrylic coffee tables are durable. They are twice as strong as glass with a the same look. They last for a very long time and can handle heavy use.

Acrylic is very easy to clean. All people need is some soapy water and a soft cloth. The designs are usually simple, which means that they take much less space.

Acrylic represents the modern farmhouse, minimalist, and contemporary decor styles to the fullest.

Picking the right coffee table When choosing the coffee table that suits people, the main requirements are:

Style: Whether art deco, bohemian, or farmhouse, determining the decor before picking a coffee table saves people from making mistakes. If people are in a spot where they don’t know where to begin, Aosom suggests that they do some research online or perhaps find style quiz and see if carved wood or metal tables are their thing.

Size: The size of the living room should determine the size of coffee table. Shopping from a site where everything is well stated, down to the details means people can methodically pick the best coffee table, big or small, for living room.

Function: If people like to throw their legs up at the end of a long day, they should choose something that is sturdy and will take the load without wear and tear. No storage space? And coffee table can come with storage. Most importantly, who are the people using the space? Glass tables and rowdy children do not mix. Do people enjoy hosting parties or prefer the quiet clean of a well-kept living room? These things are important details to determine the coffee table for people.

No matter the taste and budget, there’s a table that will be perfect for people. Functional pieces like wood tell a story of comfort and reliability. The numerous finishes of wood grains will always complement color and style and also come with storage options. Learning to balance utility and size, or family and style? Take pick of marble, glass, acrylic, and metal coffee table finishes readily available. Because when the living room needs an airy feel and fewer lines to complete its overall look, glass or acrylic always blends the right way. Aosom has many styles and affordable options that will work for people. Good luck and happy shopping!

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