Chiropractors Only Taking Cash, Poor Payment System To Blame

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Chiropractors have raised an issue about insurance companies’ payment. The problem is the fact that most insurance companies are not paying which has resulted in the chiropractors opting for cash and a few insurance companies that are cooperating. This simply means that there are many people that are locked out of this service.

Most patients do not pay cash for health services because they have insurance coverage. However, the fact that most insurance companies are not paying chiropractors has led to professionals in this industry choosing to only accept cash for services. There are a few insurance companies that pay and are accepted by most chiropractors.

“The quality and the standard of services we strive to provide are the highest possible in this healthcare industry. However, insurance companies do not want to recognize this fact and are unwilling to pay for our quality health care services,” said Park Ridge Chiropractor Dr. Anthony Cisternino.

“What makes the matter complicated is the fact that insurance companies want us to have unnecessary tests and procedures in our office. To us, this is wasting your time and money and is something we are not willing to do. We will only focus on elements that work towards giving you the best healthcare for your condition. If there is something we cannot handle, we will refer you to other professional doctors for specialized treatment.

“To accept insurance, we would be forced to compromise our services and limit the health care we can provide. In essence, we would be reduced to incompetent health care services and this is something we will not do. For this reason, we will only work with cash and with insurance companies that are willing to work with us without conditions that compromise our chiropractic services,” stated Wellness In Motion.

The main problem is that insurance was created to handle quick, short-term symptoms and diseases care and treatment. Chiropractors approach is to improve an individual’s health and help them in enhancing all life aspects throughout their whole lives. Practically, clinically, and philosophically, these two approaches are different and this is where the contradiction arises. Such contradiction is what has led to many chiropractors choosing not to work with any insurance company. They choose to go the cash way.

Though this has some negative effect because some people are unwilling to pay cash, chiropractors are able to keep office costs on the low and this leads to affordable chiropractic care fees.

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