Chinese Ceramics Offers Fresh, Modern Take on Ceramic Mugs for Coffee

Zhongsheng Chinese Ceramics Sells Fresh, Modern Take on Ceramic Mugs for Coffee

Zibo, Shangdong – September 12, 2018 – Zhongsheng China Ceramics is a renowned manufacturer and retailer of ceramic products, with particularly popular products that include a range of ceramic mugs for coffee. Ceramic coffee mugs come in different types of ceramics and porcelain, and they can easily be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Zhongsheng creates ceramic products for a number of different purposes, for example, ceramic business mugs for advertising and branding purposes. Give the coffee mugs away at business conventions, sell them at merchandizing stalls, and have competitions where customers can win specially designed ceramic coffee mugs.

Celebrate special events with customized gift mugs. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts – mugs can be manufactured with unique decal designs, novelty handles, and different colored glazes. For example, a decal design can be used to decorate the entire mug, a colored glaze can be used across the entire mug, or one decal can be used on the front of the mug and the colored glaze be used on a novelty handle only. There is also the option to submit a unique picture or wording to be placed on the mug.

Different sizes of ceramic mugs for coffee and tea are available to suit people who can’t drink enough coffee, as well as those who like their coffee in quick, strong bursts.

Zhongsheng products are made with high quality materials to ensure the quality of the ceramic mugs for coffee and tea. Zhongsheng coffee mugs have a good reputation for service excellence and durability, so they withstand more than the average daily wear and tear.

Chinese and Western-style ceramic mugs and tableware can be made to match and thus create full sets of porcelain ware. High-end products are available for luxury hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and homes. A more affordable range of standard products is also available.

Ceramic coffee mugs are made from stoneware porcelain, which is strong and durable,and can easily take colorful glaze designs. Their heavy-duty wearability makes them dishwasher-friendly, and they can also safely be used in cooking and baking processes. The durability of stoneware ceramic mugs makes them popular for the international market, as they can be transported more safely than some delicate products, such as bone porcelain.

Ceramic coffee mugs may also be made from magnesia reinforced porcelain, which is durable, stable at high temperatures, and lead-free. It also has eco-friendly properties and the fact that it is scratch resistant means that it is well suited for use in restaurants and hotels.

Stoneware and magnesia reinforced ceramic coffee mugs are also becoming more popular in the Chinese market as people learn they can have fun with the design of the products. They can be creative and get what they want, rather than have to buy generic mugs from shops. Ceramic mugs can be expressive and interesting. Sets of mugs can all have exactly the same design and size or different sizes and designs can be placed in one order.

Stoneware ceramic coffee mugs and magnesia reinforced tableware can be paired with delicate, artistic bone porcelain products for completely matching or complementary collectable sets. Bone porcelain is extremely thin and elegant and so isn’t really suited to the heavy use of coffee mugs.

Zhongsheng China Ceramics uses advanced modern technology to ensure the high quality of the products. High-tech machines are also eco-friendly, which is good for people and the environment. Highly trained employees maintain the company’s trusted reputation.

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