China’s Top 5 Rapid Prototyping Service Companies

Rapid prototyping services are most popular in China due to lower prices and advanced technology. There are several prototype companies in China. These are the leading ones:

1. Star Rapids

It also offers other services, such as bridge production, low-volume manufacturing, and 3D printing. Star Rapid is ISO 9001 certified, so you can be sure that the prototypes you receive are high-quality.

2. The Tikprecision

The company is located in DongGuan and specializes in rapid prototyping, including CNC machining, automotive prototyping, and rapid injection molding.

3. The 3ERP system

One of the leading prototype manufacturers in the world is 3ERP, which is also based in Shenzhen. In addition to offering both low-production and mass production services, 3ERP has invested in advanced prototyping facilities, CNC machining and surface finishing, as well as project management.

4. The Prototech Asia Conference

Prototech Asia specializes in low-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Its prototyping services include 3D printing, CNC machining, plastic injection, and vacuum casting.

5. Deep Moulding

A company called Deep Mould has been around since 2008 and provides a range of manufacturing services. It manufactures plastic prototypes and rapid tooling.

Tikprecision is ten.

With over 10 years of prototyping experience, Tikprecision offers rapid prototyping, 5 axis machining service, and surface finishing, making it a one-stop service company. It is well known for its aluminum die casting service. Tikprecision has over 10 years of prototyping experience, which means you can benefit from the company’s superior engineering capability. No matter how many prototypes you need, Tikprecision should be your first choice.

Tikprecision: Your Suitable Rapid Prototyping Service Company in China?

The company has engineers and designers who create a wide range of prototypes. You can use the prototypes to validate your idea, test the product, and even launch the product.

With more than 10 years of rapid prototyping experience, Tikprecision is your prototype manufacturer. The company produces both metal and plastic prototypes of the highest quality. In addition to offering you the benefits of the company’s experience, you can be assured of competitive prices as well.

Tikprecision has helped many startups make their concepts a reality. Many conceptual prototypes have been tested in the market and have proven to be effective. The company’s rapid prototyping processes include CNC machining, rapid tooling, aluminum die casting, and 3D printing.

With an advanced quality inspection process, the company is committed to achieving the expectations of its customers. You can be assured your project is in good hands since we are a top prototype manufacturer with a large clientele. Various metals and plastics are used in conjunction with modern technology to produce quality prototypes. Aluminum, steel, ABS, and others are some of the quality materials used to make outstanding prototypes.


What are the benefits of making your prototypes in China?

It is quite impressive how quickly rapid prototyping in China.

Prototyping companies often outsource their projects to Chinese manufacturers, so the quality is the same everywhere.

In terms of price, China is competitive due to economies of scale.

Because there are several factories, prototyping projects can be done quite quickly, regardless of whether they require multiple manufacturing methods.

For a competitive advantage, you should follow your competitors’ lead and save both time and money by getting your prototypes from China.

Where to Find China-Based Prototype Makers

Are you familiar with your industry?

It is important that you understand the methods and materials that are suitable for the prototype before you approach a prototype manufacturer. In this way, you can spend more time with a prototype manufacturer whose capabilities meet your requirements.

Plan your strategy

A prototype plan will help you evaluate potential prototype makers. The prototyping company can use the plan to assess your needs and ideas.

Ideas should be gathered

Finding a China-based rapid prototyping company is as simple as asking around. You may be surprised at how many companies are willing to share their information.


Techniques of manufacturing

Prototypes can be made in China using CNC machining, 3D printing, die casting, injection molding, and metal fabrication. The cost depends on the method used. It is advisable to choose a method that saves lead time and costs.

Prototype quantity

Large quantities often have lower unit costs. Bulk discounts are also available.

The material

Ideally, plastics are cheaper than metals when suppliers use them for rapid prototyping.

Tolerances and dimensions

Due to extended machining times, prototypes with tight tolerances and complex designs are expensive.

Finishing of surfaces

Surface treatment is necessary to make the prototype more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Anodizing, powder coating, polishing, and electroplating are common surface treatment methods.

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