China Skyline Telecom Company Ltd. Announces Enterprise Messaging Solution for A Global Reach

China Skyline Telecom Company Ltd. Announces Enterprise Messaging Solution for A Global Reach
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With it’s flagship brand BUKA, the company seeks to acquire a larger market share.

August 16th, 2022 – China – The China Skyline Telecom Company, today in China, announced the launch of it’s enterprise messaging solution available to all global customers. With this announcement, they have made it clear that they now want to become a trusted name for enterprises for sms services.

The spokesperson of China Skyline Telecom Company Ltd. stated, “In today’s overwhelming messaging technology industry, there is an excess of solutions and services, making it difficult to choose which system is the best fit for any firm. With Buka, we make available a robust workplace SMS service with global capabilities with a number of must-have features and positive traits, including global reach, reliability of service, scalability, analytics and reporting.”

Buka claims the following characteristics with its global enterprise messaging solution:

Global Coverage: The top business messaging systems provide coverage over a vast network of foreign providers, enabling mobile messaging and collaboration via a single connection.

Reliability of Service: In business communications, downtime is not an acceptable risk. To limit your organization’s exposure, prioritize technologies with a track record of effectiveness in Tier-1 networks and similar organizations throughout the world.

Scalability: Your messaging platform must be scalable, allowing you to simply add users and expand into new foreign markets as your organization grows. Exemplary systems easily grow SMS, MMS, and other functionalities to meet the demands of your enterprise.

Analytics and Reporting: Concentrate on solutions that give insights into user behaviors so you can evaluate the performance of integrated marketing campaigns and user interactions.

About China Skyline Telecom Company Ltd.

China Skyline Telecom Co., Ltd. has worked with hundreds of telecommunication carriers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa, and other parts of the world during the past fifteen years. Their primary objective is to deliver the most cost-efficient short message and voice channels. It is a diversified technology firm located in Longhua, Shenzhen, with over 200 people, combining R&D and sales of telecom value-added services. In the era of cloud services for all connected services, Buka claims to employ cloud communication technology with high dependability, high stability, minimal latency, stringent security and privacy, and are disseminated globally.

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