Children in South Africa Will Learn the Israeli Entrepreneurship Program

Children in South Africa Will Learn the Israeli Entrepreneurship Program

The Israeli Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK) Program making its way into different parts of the world, and from now on,it will be taught in South Africa as well.

Galit Zamler developed this entrepreneurship curriculum for kids in recognition of the need to teach students entrepreneurial skills from an early age. “It is already well known all over the world that entrepreneurship is a major engine for the development of economies. It is easy for children to acquire new skills and adapt to the rapid changes that are happening in many areas of our life in light of technological developments.

What can be better than training and providing an entrepreneur mindset for children in early age”, says Galit.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK) Program was developed in 2009 by the serial entrepreneur Galit Zamler. Galit took the knowledge and practice of the entrepreneurship arena and created an experiential curriculum in entrepreneurship for students in grades 2nd through 12th.

The focus here is to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in children from the beginning so that they could be fully equipped with all the required capabilities that will help them in overcoming tough challenges in the future.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education and has been taught since 2009 in dozens of schools across Israel. Along with that, it is being taught in the USA, Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea as well.

Entrepreneurship studies from an early age allow the country to maintain its competitive edge, as well as open up opportunities for the next generation to integrate into the dynamic workforce and lead the state financially as entrepreneurs.

Mrs. Nelly Dhlamini has acquired exclusivity to distribute the program in South Africa, and intends to reach as many students as possible and teach them skills that will help them succeed in life. She said that entrepreneurial skills are a necessary tool that we must cultivate in children so that they can earn a living, lead initiatives and processes that will improve their financial situation and enable them to thrive in life.

The goal of the entrepreneurship program is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the entrepreneurial world at a young age. Throughout the program, students develop entrepreneurial skills such as independent and positive thinking, identifying opportunities, belief in yourself and your abilities, budget planning, setting goals and persistence, responsibility, creativity, public speaking, teamwork, and more.

The program is modular and includes over 20 modules of entrepreneurial topics, organized as prepared lesson plans for the teacher, while leaving plenty of space for self-expression both for the teacher and for the students.

Each topic is covered over a number of meetings with the students, which depends on the teacher, the students’ ideas for projects, the number of students going outside the school to visit relevant companies, the number of lectures by guest entrepreneurs, and the process of implementing the projects and the number of study hours allocated to this program.

Although the program’s modules are written in a very neat and clear form and ready for immediate implementation, Galit Zamler makes sure to provide frontal training for each module. This method proves itself since the frontal training allows Galit to deliver the entrepreneurial spirit that’s behind the words and the presentations to the teachers. Overall, it is a complete package.

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