ChiefOnboarding Makes Employee Onboarding Easier

January 21, 2017 – The ChiefOnboarding employee onboarding system is making it easier for businesses to get their new hires ready for the workplace. It assists in orienting employees and improves how well they can work alongside many more experienced employees.

The program is used to create appropriate online portals that employees at businesses can use. They can use these to look up information on how certain tasks at work are to be done among other key factors.

All of the features of ChiefOnboarding are designed to improve upon how employees are made ready for work. The program helps employers to onboard their new hires with to-do lists that include information on tasks for employees to complete. New hires can also be about procedures they need to know and how to use certain functions.

Progress reports are also included within the program. These are used to keep tabs on what new hires are doing, plus there is the option to remind new hires about specific tasks that need to be completed.

The program can be customized in many ways. The employer can upload one’s own logo and create a unique color scheme. This may be done to match up with the branding efforts that a business is to work with.

The makers of ChiefOnboarding are currently offering a free demo for all interested parties to use. This allows people to look up information on how different features on the program work. A full seven-day trial is available to help people learn about how well the program works and what they can expect out of it.

The pricing for ChiefOnboarding is also rather flexible. The pricing varies based on the needs of the program including how many people have to be onboard. Different payment options are available for various needs including a pay-per-new-hire package, and an Enterprise package which works for an unlimited number of new hires. Most packages also include API access to implement this system into yours.

About the Company:

ChiefOnboarding is a business and enterprise software program that allows businesses to improve upon the employee onboarding functions within their workplaces. This includes support for businesses looking to get employees in the know about various workplace functions and processes.

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