Cherrystone Online Stamp Store Backed By One Of The World’s Leading Philatelic Auction Houses

Cherrystone Online Stamp Store is now backed by the world’s leading Philatelic Auction Houses, CherrystoneLive, Cherrystone Auctions’ interactive bidding system.

Cherrystone Online Stamp store, a store that offers high quality stamps from all over the world, is now backed by one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses. CherrystoneLive, an interactive bidding system, is a system designed to interact with a live public auction floor. Just like most auctions, customers can bid in person. But now Cherrystone offers a new avenue for buying, the online auction. Bidders can go online and bid on auctions in real time, as if they were there. If the customers are not able to be at the auction house or online, they can acquire an “Auction Agent”, who will then bid for them in their place according to the customer’s instructions. Bidders decide what they want using Cherrystone’s comprehensive online catalogs and then relate their wants to the auction agent.

Cherrystone Auctions are located in New York City where they hold public auctions every six to eight weeks. Customers can be at the floor auctions in person or bid online. All bids are confidential. Various amounts of bidding increments are allowed, based on the item. Symbol keys give descriptions for online customers of the state of the stamp of which they can bid. Other symbols and abbreviations are used as well, giving details about individual stamps or collections up for bid. Auction agents and their information are listed online so that the client can contact them directly.

Cherrystone’s online stamp store houses stamps from around the world. The store offers everything from Central and South America stamps to United States First Day Covers. Pictures and descriptions of the stamps are online, as well as the price and the ability to immediately buy. Cherrystone was originally founded in 1967 as a retail store. It has since grown into one of the leading philatelic auction houses. It specializes in high quality stamp collections. All auctions that occur every six to eight weeks always carry some stamps from the United States. The United States material includes but is not limited to Classics, Air Post, Proofs and Essays, and back of the book items. Cherrystone is family owned and operated and is a member of all major U.S. and European Philatelic Societies, including the ASDA, APS, and the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, as well as many more.

Collectors looking for high quality stamps with a wide array of choices from all over the world often look no further than Cherrystone. Not only do they offer auctions and agents to help, but their reputation for valuing stamps and understanding how to best show them off is unmatched in the nation. Collections, no matter how big or small, are best handled by someone who will know their worth and treat them with respect and appreciation. Cherrystone is renown for the superb service they offer and the unusual collection of rarities they house online. Sellers, bidders, and direct buyers contact Cherrystone Auctions for their variety of services.

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