“Checkpoint” by Daniel Scuderi is released, a twisting novel exploring war, humanity, and the nature of reality

“Checkpoint” by Daniel Scuderi has been released worldwide. This 194-page novel follows the narrator on a journey of epic proportions, from a forgotten rural area to the unknown, from the narrator’s perceptions to the fringes of his imagination, all while tackling war and religion through a lens of science fiction and vivid imagery. 

Checkpoint (ISBN: 9781734489217) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including barnesandnoble.com and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

About the book:

“Would you deny this a dream if I told you? When the lines between dreams and reality merge, what is real? And what would you wish wasn’t real?”

Told through the first person perspective of an unpredictable and suspicious narrator, Chris Brennan. The journey begins in the very near future, in a small town lost between the spaces. When things take a drastic turn, forcing the characters to abandon their rhythmic lives, they now have to fight for their lives to survive. Discovering the truth behind what appears to be World War III, at first glance, becomes something much greater beyond their control and comprehension. A modern day interpretation of the Book of Genesis. 

About the author:

My name is Daniel, born and raised on Long Island NY. I’m 23 now, and was in my early teens when I started this journey in writing my first book. Being a special inclusion student all throughout school and college, I suffer from constant anxiety and on and off depression, even to this day. My struggles, like getting over the death of a loved one, have gotten easier to deal with, but still linger in the back of my head. This book to me, was an escape. The locations, characters, and events in the story come mostly through general life experiences and how I see the world. How the story eventually plays out came from dreams. I am a huge art and music fan and encourage all types of art. Playing drums since elementary school helped me overcome my struggles, losing myself in hypnotic lyrics that teleport me to other worlds. 

Find more at https://dpscuderibooks.com/

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