Cheap Mexico vs. Chile Tickets at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA: Ticket Down Slashes Ticket Prices for Chile vs. Mexico at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Ticket Down is a reputable source of authentic tickets for Mexico vs. Chile at the home of the Chargers, Qualcomm Stadium in sunny San Diego. The Mexico team is on fire this year with one of the best schedules for soccer fans to enjoy. They gained another great opponent to play in June, Chile. These two teams are set to face off on Wednesday, June 1 at the Qualcomm Stadium. This is going to be the final of the three games that Mexico will play in the United States and will serve as a kind of practice for both teams as they prepare to play at the Copa America Centenario that starts on Friday, June 3rd. 

Chile is bringing its all-star players such as Claudio Bravo, Alexis Sanchez, and Arturo Vidal. This lineup is expected to bring in a large crowd compared to the last time that Mexico played in Mission Valley against Finland. That game only brought in 25,000 fans, but this game has a lot of big star names and it is likely that the fans will come out to support their teams. Several years ago Mexico faced Venezuela on the pitch and this match drew in a crowd of slightly over 60,000 fans.  

Chile is a talented squad with great coaching. This team always comes to play and even when they don’t win, they leave the other team with something to remember. It is never a good idea to come into a game with Chile and feel like it is going to be an automatic victory. 

This is not to say that Mexico doesn’t have a chance to win this game. They have a well-known team with some big names and the ability to turn small plays into big ones in no time. No matter which team you are going for, this is going to be a great game as both teams work to do well in the upcoming tournament. 

The Qualcomm Stadium is located in Mission Valley, right outside of San Diego. This stadium has been the host to the Poinsettia Bowl, the Holiday Bowl, and the San Diego Chargers and more. It is able to hold more than 70,000 football fans, making it possible for a lot of fans to get to this match that can’t be missed this year. This stadium is perfect for these two great teams to get together. If you are ready to see soccer at its best and watch these two teams in action, make sure to get your tickets today! 


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