Chase Robinson is set to release first EP containing 5 tracks

Seasoned musician, professional entertainer and country music artist, Chase Robinson, to release first EP after two years of officially announcing his arrival in the industry

Chase Robinson has announced the release of his forthcoming EP containing 5 tracks written and produced by Chase himself. Described as one of the most hardworking artists in the industry, Chase Robinson officially announced his arrival to the musical scene in 2015. Coming all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chase Robinson comes to Nashville as a seasoned musician and professional entertainer and the release of his first EP is billed to bring him to the big picture.

Chase demonstrated his versatility, creativity and ingenuity with the new EP release, writing all the songs himself and also producing all 5 tracks on the project. The songs on the EP include Cigarettes, She Started Talkin’, White Girl Wasted, Stays Here Tonight, and Best regrets. Each of the songs is inspired by real life events, with Chase pouring his heart into the creation of every track.

The second release of the EP, ‘Cigarettes’, is about Chase’s dad, where he brilliantly writes and sang about how the smell brings back memories of his dad and his days with him. “It really does bring him back, there are always those smells that trigger memories, and that smoke for me makes it feel like he’s right behind me sometimes,” says Chase.

“White Girl Wasted, another track on the project, was written about the girls on Broadway in Nashville, TN, that seems to be unable to hold their Liquor. “You just have to listen to the song, i actually can’t describe the song any better than how i wrote it and brought the emotion through in the music,” says Chase.

The EP will be available on iTunes and other digital media platforms. Chase is already getting accolades for his works with fans testifying to the ingenuity of the Country music artist, as one of the songs on the EP, She Started Talkin’is already making waves after being available for individual purchase at the Apple iTunes Store.

Chase is described as one of the hardest working artists in Nashville, becoming one of the most sought-after performing singer/songwriter with over 1500 shows in different parts of Nashville, mainly as a premier entertainer on the downtown circuit.

“For now, I really want the listeners to interpret what they hear from this EP. I feel like it’s very honest and real, both from the delivery as a musician and an artist, to the content and the overall feeling of the songs I’m expressing.” “I have always said i wanted to be an artist that writes, sings, plays, and produces my own records, when the fans buy into what i am doing here, they won’t have to wonder as much about who i am, or what i am about,” says Chase Robinson.

About Chase Robinson

Chase Robinson is a Country music artist based in Nashville. A degree holder from Pittsburg State University with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Music, Chase moved to Nashville from Kansas in 2013 and has since then become one of the most sought-after musicians in Nashville.

Since the beginning of his career, Chase has recorded 5 original albums, with some of his works featured on iTunes, helping in gain popularity with his stellar musicianship.

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