Chartmetric Has Launched the First in the Music Industry Playlist Monitoring Tool

July 20, 2016 – Palo Alto, CA, United States – Music technology startup Chartmetric has launched a free beta of their self-service tool to help musicians make sense of the latest playlist trends.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, music streaming increased by almost 93 percent in 2015. Playlists have become the most vital format for music discovery. While major corporations have the resources to be ahead of the trends, the rest of the industry players are having a difficult time navigating the increasingly complex landscape.

Chartmetric is the first service to focus on monitoring playlist performance. Currently free, it combines hundreds of thousands of real-time data points across iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and presents the information on a single dashboard. The beta version features more than 16,000 playlists and 6,000 artists.

Chartmetric also shows historical data and trends for each playlist, track, and artist. Using this information the website visitors can save time and make their playlisting strategy more efficient. The public beta initially tracks Spotify playlists, but it will expand to more platforms, including YouTube, Deezer, 8 Tracks, Fab. fm, and Rhapsody. The service presents in a real time the top 100 playlists, most popular playlists by categories, rising stars, and recent updates.

Chartmetric is specifically designed to help musicians find new audiences and additional revenue streams by allowing them to determine which playlists may be a successful fit for them. The service allows users to find top playlists that feature popular singers with similar voice characteristics. The company has plans to develop an option for their customers to pitch the owners of these playlists.

Chartmetric also provides a way for an artist’s manager to look for playlists that share similar styles with the artists they represent.  They can choose top playlists by attributes such as ‘energy’, ‘danceability’, ‘acousticness’, ‘tempo’, ‘valence’, or ‘liveness’ scores.

Among the early adopters of the service are independent labels such as BMG Recordings, Mick Management, New West Records, as well as larger companies like Sony Music.

“Initially, we were building a social analytics tool for musicians. But after speaking with many of our potential customers at SXSW, I realized that major pain points for the industry players are the decentralization of music database and lack of transparency around playlist activities,” said the company’s founder and CEO Sungmoon Cho, “We’ve designed Chartmetric to solve the problem and to offer independent playlist analytics to everyone.”

There has been a seismic shift in how people find new music. Listeners are looking for streaming services that provide them with custom solutions and tailored recommendations. In order to meet the demand, major brands have been increasingly employing big data and intelligence software. Chartmetric is making the power of technology available for the whole industry. Now, independent labels, artists, producers, advertising agencies and consumer brands have a robust tool to build their music business.

To learn more about Chartmetric and sign up for the Beta version of the service, visit:

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Founded by Sungmoon Cho  (CEO) and based in Palo Alto, Chartmetric is a music technology startup dedicated to bringing Silicon Valley technology to the music industry. Sungmoon Cho is available for interviews and media appearances.

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