CharmDate Encourages its Users to Try “Contra-dating” in 2024

CharmDate Encourages its Users to Try "Contra-dating" in 2024
“Contra-dating” brings singles more chances to get matched and it might come out with a surprising result.
A new dating trend called “contra-dating” has been giving impressive results on online dating apps. This trend motivates singles to step out of their comfort zones and date people who they don’t consider their “types”. CharmDate encourages its users to try “Contra-dating” in 2024 and considers this is certainly an effective way to increase dating success.

A new dating trend called “contra-dating” has been giving impressive results on online dating apps. This trend motivates singles to step out of their comfort zones and date people who they don’t consider their “types”. It is about changing their usual criteria when meeting someone new, broadening a personal horizon, and letting go of stereotypical beliefs.

CharmDate, an international dating website, highly encourages its users to try “contra-dating” in 2024 because of the numerous benefits that it could bring to their dating life, such as:

Expanding the dating pool

The stricter requirements singles have on how their partners should be, the narrower the dating pool for them is. Thus, their chances of finding a good match decrease and they restrict themselves from meeting people that they could build a great connection with.

Going against the usual beliefs and giving a chance to people that they wouldn’t consider dating before significantly increases the possibilities of finding an amazing match.

Someone’s type typically refers to physical appearance

The most frequent characteristics that define someone’s type are the physical attributes. However, CharmDate experts emphasize that these factors have little importance in the future development of the relationship. They change over time and they do not reveal enough about someone’s personality. Prioritizing physical appearance in the search for a soulmate could significantly harm the chances of meeting an ideal partner.

Change can be beneficial

CharmDate professionals advise users of this online dating platform to try out something new in 2024. If they already dated their “types” in the past and those relationships failed, it’s time for a new approach. They won’t know how it is to date someone who superficially does not match their idea of a perfect partner unless they try. It could be an exciting experience that could grow into something more serious than what they had before.

Opposites attract

Dating someone based on common interests and similarities has its advantages but also its flaws. Two different energies can balance and fulfill one another. If one partner is more of a quiet type and the other is more talkative and likes to take initiative, they will compliment each other greatly.

Contra-dating is a learning experience

Meeting someone with different interests and backgrounds is a great learning experience. Not only will partners find out unexpected things from each other lives but it could also affect their mindsets positively and make them more open-minded. This type of relationship could be enlightening to people who preferred to stay in their comfort zones prior to the “contra-dating” trend.

Wanting is not the same as needing

Singles that insist on dating only people that they consider their “types” know approximately what they want but they don’t necessarily know what they need. In many cases, being in a relationship with someone who possesses all the initially desired characteristics does not turn out as successful as they thought it would be. The reason is that just because they want something specific, it does not mean that’s what they need. The “Contra-dating” trend is more about discovering what people truly need in relationships, rather than what they want on the paper.

How to Make “Contra-dating” Successful?

CharmDate experts shared valuable notes that can help singles get the best out of this trend:

1. Judging someone by their physical appearance or first impression should be avoided.

2. Talking to more than one person at a time increases the chances of finding an ideal partner.

3. Getting to know each other takes time; it requires patience and dedication.

4. Differences are welcome but the core values of potential partners should be similar.

5. Finding someone significantly different does not mean adapting to that person entirely. Partners should stay true to themselves.

6. Communication, open-mindedness, and honesty are keys to success; especially because “contra-dating” means dating someone with different views and habits.

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