Charity Urges Government to Allocate More Funding in Social Care – Think Tank Academy Responds

Charity Urges Government to Allocate More Funding in Social Care - Think Tank Academy Responds
Gillian Ashcroft, CEO and founder of Think Tank Academy, expressed deep concern over the repercussions of inadequate funding in social care. “Insufficient funding directly translates to insufficient training for care workers, resulting in subpar care for residents. Mistakes made by undertrained staff can be costly, affecting the health and wellbeing of those in care homes,” Ashcroft emphasised.
Think Tank Academy, a Liverpool-based eLearning pioneer for health and social care workers, has responded passionately to the crucial call for improved funding in social care.

The Health Foundation, an independent charity dedicated to enhancing health and care for individuals, has recently published a report underscoring the immediate need for reform in England’s social care funding.

In the report, Social Care Funding Reform in England, The Health Foundation reveals alarming statistics, stating that currently, one in seven individuals aged 65 and over faces care costs exceeding £100,000. The government’s current funding model only covers care for those with the highest needs and lowest means.

The Health Foundation’s report outlines three potential approaches to address the escalating challenges in social care funding. This includes a Dilnot-style cap on care costs, a Scottish-style model of ‘free personal care,’ and the introduction of an NHS-style model of universal and comprehensive care. Each option varies in cost, with the most ambitious proposal potentially benefiting care recipients but requiring substantial additional funding.

Ashcroft urgently called on the government to prioritise funding, stating, “The correlation between funding, training, and quality care is undeniable. A well-funded social care system ensures proper training for care workers, which directly impacts the quality of care residents receive.”

The report highlights the pressing need for change, citing broken promises and delays in successive governments’ attempts to reform health and social care funding. Ashcroft stated, “There can be no excuse for inaction and prolonging one of the most significant public policy failures of our generation.”

In response to the news, Gillian Ashcroft called on the government to allocate more resources to social care training, underscoring the importance of proper training for care workers. “Think Tank Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in providing essential training to health and social care professionals. Our platform empowers individuals to upskill, delivering exceptional care to those who need it most.”

As the call for social care reform intensifies, Think Tank Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential training, contributing to the improvement of the care sector.

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