Chantecpack Are Ready To Head On With The Expansion Of Liquid Food Packaging Industry

It is understood that the global liquid packaging market is growing in recent years, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% by 2020. And by 2020, the liquid packaging market consumption will reach 3.6 million tons. With the rapid development of market economy, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the internal quality and external packaging of liquid food. This also brings new challenges to the liquid packaging equipment market.

No matter what kind of packaging form, food packaging should have the functions of ensuring the integrity of the internal products, protecting the internal products from the external environment, and being easy to carry and transport. At present, the domestic share of high-end liquid packaging machinery and packaging materials still needs to be further improved. But in recent two years, the liquid food industry has developed rapidly, and domestic enterprises have quickly occupied the domestic market.

There are many kinds of liquid food, and there are many kinds and forms of liquid food packaging machine, such as beverage filling machine, milk filling machine, viscous liquid food packaging machine and so on. In recent two years, domestic liquid food packaging machine technology has developed rapidly. Beverage filling production line, aseptic cold filling production line, hot filling production line, high-speed fruit filling production line, automatic high-speed drinking water filling production line, PET bottle high-speed blowing filling rotary packaging equipment and other equipment have been applied, and the liquid food packaging technology level has been improved.

Although China’s liquid food packaging machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in recent years, some complete sets of key equipment with high precision, high intelligence and high efficiency still rely on import. In this regard, liquid food packaging machinery manufacturers need to speed up the upgrading and innovation of packaging technology, starting from reducing production costs, reducing intermediate links, adapting to the trend of bottle lightweight, and improving product quality and stability to improve the overall performance of the equipment.

According to industry insiders, domestic consumers are increasingly fond of diversified products, and there are more and more liquid food market segments. The market demand reflects on the machine and equipment needs to do different configuration, the change is actually very complex, need personalized customization. This will test the customized production capacity of equipment manufacturers, not only to change the setting of equipment parameters according to the production process and product content, but also to flexibly modify and adjust some key components. It is not only a challenge for equipment manufacturers, but also a key point to break through foreign monopoly.

In the past two years, the market scale of liquid food industry, such as dairy products and beverages, has continued to expand, and the demand for liquid food packaging machinery is also increasing. In the process of technology innovation, enterprises should improve the practicability of liquid food outer packaging such as comfort and convenience under the premise of ensuring the safety and flexibility of mechanical use, ensure the packaging quality of products, and at the same time, endow the packaging environmental protection concept, realize the packaging recyclability, and inject new power into the development of food packaging industry.

Therefore, we chantecpack have sorted of some liquid food packing filling machine, welcome for your inquiry.

1. The Vertical VFFS Packing Machine CX-L730, suit for 1~10kg big pouch


2. The multi lane small sachets high speed packaging machine, suit for sticks with round corner die cutting

multi lane mouth wash liquid sachet packing machine

3. The rotary premade irregular shaped doypack filling machine, suit for premade spout doypack pouch


4. The multi heads bottle filling machine, suit for plastic/glass bottle

dish wash filling machine

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