Changzhou Double Spring Briefly talks about the use of gas springs

Gas springs are used in the industry as support rods. The use of support rods is very wide from the present, from automobile and motorcycle industry, machinery industry, electronics industry to transportation, fitness, medical equipment, and ubiquitous. In the use of the gas spring, it is necessary to pay attention to the piston rod installed as far as possible, so as to ensure the best damping effect and cushioning performance. Gas springs should not be subjected to tilting or lateral forces during operation and should not be used as handrails. This is very dangerous.

In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, the gas spring must not damage the surface of the piston rod. It is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals to the piston rod. It is also not allowed to spray and paint the gas spring after it has been installed in the desired position. Remember that the piston rod is strictly prohibited from rotating to the left. If you need to adjust the joint direction, you can only turn to the right. This can also be rotated to a fixed direction. The size of the gas spring should be reasonable, the force should be appropriate, and the stroke of the piston rod should be spaced, so that it cannot be locked, so maintenance is very problematic.

The connection line of the gas spring installation joint is as perpendicular as possible to the center line of rotation of the gas spring. Otherwise, it will affect the normal expansion and contraction of the gas spring, and even jamming and abnormal noise.

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