Changing Education for Everyone with Changing Perspectives Inclusivity will be the next significant change in the way the education system behaves

Schools are responsible for so much more than the primary education of children. It is a place of social education as well. For a very long time, the idea of inclusivity has been something of a slippery slope. There have always been problems, but with all the growth schools have made in the past decade, turning to the future, the next polarizing shift will come in the form of inclusivity. Youths are educated about the dangers of exploiting differences and bullying, but now it’s time to educate them on being inclusive.

Changing Perspectives has been striving to do precisely this; working as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, they work diligently to encourage inclusivity and social-emotional education in the general school system. Founded in 2013 by Sam Drazin, an educator, the organization was put together to help schools integrate programs that teach inclusivity from Pre-K to 12.

Having experienced firsthand how school systems are not always on par with inclusivity and actively teaching social-emotional concepts to children, Drazin explored how he could improve the classroom environment by incorporating those elements into his classroom and proxy a more inclusive environment for all kids where they can learn social-emotional awareness.

By offering schools a variety of consultations on things like students, parents, and educators and how each piece fits into the curriculum, they are making schools are more social-emotionally adept space in which kids can properly learn empathy and help to accommodate further students with disabilities or other differences that can often result in feelings of isolation in the learning environment.

The organization is packed to the brim with professional educators with a wealth of experience in their fields who have come together to try and bring a more welcoming environment to children of all ages in the educational system. Partnering with several other inclusive-friendly organizations, Changing Perspectives has proudly helped countless schools establish solid foundations for all children to experience and understand empathy and other social-emotional teachings and understand inclusivity and its value in the learning environment.

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