ChalkTastic White Chalk Markers Emerge as a Reliable Educational Tool.

“ChalkTastic White Chalk Marker”
ChalkTastic’s recently launched product White Chalk Markers continue to make inroads in Amazon’s huge online marketplace. A large segment of Amazon shoppers have used this accessory as an educational tool.

ChalkTastic is pleased to reveal that their White Chalk Markers have now received almost four hundred and fifty Amazon reviews with a very good average rating. The company also informs that a high percentage of satisfied users of this product are the teachers and students at preschool, kindergarten, high school and colleges. Some other popular applications of the product include writing on menu boards, bistro boards, vinyl, ceramics, car windows, and any other non porous surface. These white markers are now selling successfully on Amazon for a discounted price of $10.77 only.

One of the key factors behind the success of the product is that these chalk markers are made of non-toxic materials. Moreover, the markers are odorless, dust-free, and can be wiped without any hassle. Its 6 mm reversible tip has been appreciated by many teachers. This reversible tip allows the users to choose between a fine tip and a broad tip. As a result, the markers can be used for both fine and bold lines. The bright white color of the markers helps teachers provide excellent visual explanations.

A recent user mentions in her review, “These markers are fun! They work just as expected. No complaints so far. As a homeschooling mom, they allow us to incorporate creativity into math and spelling practice as we can write with them almost anywhere. Clean-up is easy with a damp rag. These are the first chalk markers I have tried, so I have nothing else to compare them to, but nor do I feel the need to try another brand since these work perfectly.”

According to another reviewer, “I love to use chalkboard markers in my classroom. These are, by far, the brightest I have purchased and used. The writing is clearly visible across the classroom. I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I would purchase this brand again.”  

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