ChalkTastic Introduces New Employee Recognition Program for Color Chalk Marker Pens.

“ChalkTastic Color Chalk Marker Pens”
Experienced manufacturer of chalk based products; ChalkTastic has just announced an employee recognition program. This program has been created to recognize the employees that have played a significant role in the success of their Color Chalk Marker Pens.

ChalkTastic has decided to introduce a recognition program for their top performers that have contributed towards the success of their flagship product color chalk markers. Interestingly, this product is presently a top ranked Amazon bestseller with close to fourteen hundred reviews. ChalkTastic has an excellent track record of producing high-quality chalk based accessories. Their color marker set comprises of eight chalk pens, and is currently available on Amazon for a handsomely discounted price of $13.95 only.

The chalk pens from ChalkTastic are made of highly concentrated liquid chalk ink. All materials used for manufacturing this product are non-toxic and odorless. Therefore, it can be used safely by the children. Alongside the children, their teachers have also used this product as a teaching tool with great satisfaction. With its reversible 6mm tip, these markers offer the freedom to use them for both detailed and rough work. Users suggest that these markers are suitable for writing on all types of non-porous surfaces including chalk labels, mirrors, shop storefront windows, Blackboard, whiteboard, metal and more.

Recommending the product, a recent user mentioned in his review, “I had a lot of fun with these. I didn’t realize that they can be used on any nonporous surface. This includes windows! I am a classroom teacher and I used these to decorate my classroom windows. My students loved the sharp crisp colors. I really enjoyed the ease of use. Clean up is also very simple (just wipe off). This is a great set as it has so many colors. You can draw/paint anything with these.”

Talking about the company’s just launched employee recognition program, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “We have decided to reward our employees that have been instrumental behind the success of our colored chalk markers. Different types of rewards will be given away in several categories on a monthly basis. In the long run, we wish to implement this policy for all our products.”

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