ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack Makes an Immediate Impact on Amazon Shoppers

ChalkTastic continues to make a strong, positive impact on, thanks to the company’s recent release Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. In almost no time, this product has received a groundbreaking response in the world’s most trusted online shopping platform.

19th October, 2016 – ChalkTastic is now making strong inroads into the highly competitive online marketplace of The company’s relentless efforts to become a distinguished manufacturer of chalk-based products have been boosted by the recent performance of their Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. Within just two months since its official launch, this product has sent many records tumbling with its powerful presence. With almost four hundred Amazon reviews to its credit, these chalk markers are currently amongst the top five Amazon bestsellers. This useful accessory is available for a handsomely discounted price of just $21.77.

ChalkTastic’s mega pack of chalk pens contains eighteen markers in different mind-blowing colors. Designed to write on all types off nonporous surfaces, these pens have been used with great effect for many different purposes. Kids love using markers, but most of the commonly available products contain ingredients that are not safe for these little users. With the intention of delivering a kid-safe product, ChalkTastic has strictly abandoned the use of all harmful materials. These markers are erasable, and can be wiped rather easily without smudging. Some of the most common users of this product include shopkeepers, restaurant owners, car owners, teachers, homeowners, art enthusiasts, students, and many more.

A highly impressed user writes in her Amazon review, “Chalk markers are so much fun to use! I keep some in the bathroom to write my sweetie little love notes on the mirror in the morning before I leave for work. I keep them in the living room so that the kids can draw me pictures on the windows. And I keep them in the kitchen so that I can make a grocery list on the fridge that wipes off when I’ve gone shopping and want to start over again. I’ve bought many different brands of markers but the ChalkTastic Chalk Markers Mega 18 pack has been the best quality chalk markers that I have found. They don’t dry up quickly and have a rich, smooth color. Love that this pack contains so many different colors too!”     

Another user states, “We love these markers! I purchased another set by ChalkTastic prior and had to purchase another one as they used till the very end. Both my kids enjoy them. We have a sliding door and they use that as their canvas. It wipes off so easily and keeps them busy while I cook dinner or extra hot days out. I purchased a chalk board roll for my daughters room and she uses as reminder boards. We also decorate our car windows for softball tournaments. Even sitting in the heat, it’s an easy clean up. The fact you can turn the tip for a different writing font is a neat feature. These last long and are great quality. The tips never messed up for once! I will definitely be buying another set!”

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