ChainCreator ecosystem enables users to create blockchain projects from scratch and have their own crypto exchange

There is no doubt that the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial markets worldwide. This has also led to emerging of new blockchain projects every other day but only a few manage to get the attention of the public and achieve success. Most of the new projects, despite being promising fail to make it in the industry due to lack of knowledge, expertise, and experience of the team. This is when the ChainCreator ecosystem comes into light which assists the new blockchain projects and makes it easier for them to create, launch and run their world-transforming blockchain start-ups. Not only this, the ChainCreator system, through its Whitelabel exchange project also enables anyone to have their own crypto exchange and collect trading fees on each trade.

ChainCreator ecosystem is comprised of 3 main components which together enable the new projects to thrive and be successful in the industry.

First, it allows the entrepreneurs to connect to the experts in the industry to get valuable advice and assistance for their project

Second, the new blockchain projects can launch their ICO on the ChainCreator market, after creating a smart contract and generate the token using the tools provides by the platform. 

Third, all the campaigns that are launched on ChainCreator market will have their token listed on the ChainCreator Exchange.

The ChainCreator Exchange is a highly secure, scalable and advanced digital asset exchange with zero trading fees. The tokens created within the ChainCreator ecosystem can be traded on the exchange, along with the other popular cryptocurrencies. With the help of ChainCreator Market, the entrepreneurs can create a professional ICO from scratch. They can access a complete set of tools and functions to create a smart contract, generate the token, attract financial contributors and build an impactful ICO for their project.

Another component of the ChainCreator ecosystem is the Whitelabel exchange which enables the users to have their own crypto exchange and earn trading fees from the trades made on that. The platform will set up and host the exchange so no technical knowledge is required by the users. It provides the users with an easy to use interface and full technical analysis charting solutions.

All the above-mentioned components of the ChainCreator Ecosystem together enable the user to create and launch their professional blockchain projects as well as be ahead of the game, by having their very own crypto exchange with their ICO’s coin or token as the base trading pair on the exchange, substantially increasing the credibility of the project for obtaining a substantial market cap valuation. In addition, the budding blockchain entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the CC news, a free platform where they can find all the latest news, article, and events related to the crypto world.

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