Mexican American Lager claims its place. Fresh off its success, now prepares to launch additional crafts in its line up.

February 15, 2019 – Cerveza XTECA®, the world’s first Original Mexican-American lager, is celebrating its first anniversary. The bold, yet smooth and refreshing craft beer made to fulfill the deeply felt need for a beer that everyone can enjoy, has completed one year of its launch, and it has been a recipe for success from the word ‘go’.

Cerveza XTECA® was launched on February 18, 2018 in San Diego. It quickly has become what Southern California needed, a craft beer that goes hand in hand with Latino pride, tastes and culture, but has also resonated with mainstream beer enthusiasts. Its high quality and universal taste is enriched by the emblematic creation of the iconic Mesoamerican warrior-princess brand, depicted in its now collectible packaging, which epitomizes the culture and heritage of multi-generational Mexican-Americans.

We are thankful to the entire Cerveza XTECA® team, community and retail customers. This year has been a dream for all of us, and we pledge our commitment to continue doing the work with the same level of love and dedication to our customers and the craft brewing professionWe are excited to announce the addition and launch of three additional beers to the XTECA line up for our customers to enjoy in the coming year,” said Fred Sotelo of Cerveza Xteca.

XTECA, the world’s first original Mexican-American lager, has become a Southern California craft beer success story in a crowded beer market. Co-founders Fred Sotelo, Mario López (creative director), and Xavier The X-Man® (radio personality) longed to create a taste and flavor they would all like. With support from nephew and brewer Carlos Appel, Lisa White of White Labs, and a collective labor of love, Cerveza XTECA® was born after three years of R&D and plain hard work.

On its launch in 2018, Cerveza XTECA® was recognized by the Mayor of the City of San Diego, Kevin L. Faulconer as a noteworthy company and product. The buzz had begun. Later in March, the beer was showcased at the 2018 Sabor Latino Food Beer & Wine Fest, in November it traveled for a soft launch to the Bay Area for the Dia San Jose while along the way it was featured at over 20 festivals, community events and local ‘happenings’ all the while working its way around retail off and on premise locations in the greater San Diego area and featured in Little Italy, Barrio Logan, East County, Ocean Beach, the Gaslamp, and in the South Bay.

The smooth and refreshing taste of Cerveza XTECA® and its overall branding is true to its roots and pairs naturally with its connection to mainstay Mexican-American cultural markers that include the Lowrider custom car culture, Old school, Oldies, and related R&B Music. With the completion of its first successful year, we witness the emergence of a competitive lager beer as the newest cultural symbol of a uniquely American Latino community and enjoyed by all.

This year, Cerveza XTECA® has launched its very own 16oz cans in San Diego. The next phase is to satisfy the high demand in other markets and include further expansion into the Los Angeles, Bay area & Phoenix markets.

For more information, please visit: www.CervezaXteca.com

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