Certify lifelong learning skills: FioreRosalba.com’s proposal

Certify lifelong learning skills: FioreRosalba.com's proposal
FioreRosalba.com skills certification program
Learning new skills and being able to document them officially and according to a European standard is now possible. The European EQF and the new Italian law also allow those who choose informal online training to recognize the new skills acquired in a clear and official way. Rosalba Fiore online training expert and creator of www.fiorerosalba.com launches the new certification program.

Anyone who stops learning is old … Henry Ford said but if those who do not train are lost how to clearly document what they have learned through a classroom course, an online course or any other training event? https://www.fiorerosalba.com/ website of company created by Dr. Rosalba Fiore, has for years been engaged in the design of courses for lifelong learning launches a new certification project by adhering to the guidelines of the new law for the recognition of skills, thanks to the design of training programs that include all the learning units envisaged by the qualification scheme for that specific professional figure.

With the official recognition of the competences as required by the Legislative Decree of January 16, 2013, n. 13 which defines the minimum standards of the national skills certification system, a European EQF level will be obtained. The European Union developed this system in 2008 with the name European Qualifications Framework (EQF), it was created as a tool to facilitate the understanding and comparability of national qualifications. There are 8 skill levels, level 1 is the lowest and 8 the highest.

Rosalba Fiore says “the learning units are the reference for the assessment, certification and recognition of the credits possessed by the student and by the student, in the case of transitions to other education and training courses. While the certification of skills is a document that accompanies the assessment document, it has the purpose of measuring and certifying the level reached, at the end of an educational path, with reference to the cultural axes: axis of languages; mathematical; scientific – technological; social history.”

Rosalba Fiore continues “For over 16 years we have been operating in non-formal online learning: learning characterized by an intentional choice of the person, which takes place outside the official school systems, in any organization that pursues educational and training purposes, including voluntary work, of the national civil service and of the private social sector and in companies. All of our courses include Stem topics and units aimed at acquiring digital skills even for those traditional professions and trades such as cheesemaker, brewer, fashion technician, breeder, etc., therefore not only in courses for computer programmers. In this context, our free and independent certification was born https://www.fiorerosalba.com/certificato/ which those who obtain it can attach it to their CV and possibly decide to take the exam for the corresponding EQF level.”

The principle is that the citizen who believes he knows a certain subject – due to work experience, because he has attended a course even if not accredited or because he has read a book – can have his competence recognized in that subject, have it added to the booklet. training of the citizen to look for a job in Italy and Europe and also to obtain the corresponding UC (Units of Competence), the units that make up the study programs of the professional regional courses.

It is an advantageous system, because the UC has transversal validity in the sense that, once you have acquired one, it is also recognized for other courses, thus allowing you to continue in specialization.

In addition to the aspect of official recognition of one’s learning, the importance of learning and continuously cultivating the growth of one’s skills should not be overlooked. Often and willingly, private companies (large or small) use different criteria for hiring. Among the candidates they select the one who, with the same other characteristics (and regardless of the “title”), demonstrates a better understanding of the subject and shows a true passion for the job for which they are applying. So the difference is made by the CV when there is participation in both accredited and non-accredited courses, seminars, various experiences always linked to the specific sector. This is why lifelong learning in a hyper-competitive world is one of the most important weapons that any worker must know how to juggle.

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