Certified Life Coach, Dr T. Anderson Ph.D Provides a Platform for Business Growth

Sustainability is crucial for the long-term prosperity of a business. Entrepreneurs need to invest not only in their business but in their capabilities as an individual and organization as well. While this may be the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs to face, it helps to have serial entrepreneur speaker like  Dr. T. Anderson Ph.D. who can assist and guide in attaining sustainable business success.

She understands that businesses need to be competitive and sustainable in the growing marketplace, which is why she and her team keep creating innovative business coaching methods to help entrepreneurs attain sustainable business success. Their coaching methods help entrepreneurs define their goals, understand themselves, identify challenges and look for ways to overcome them which will help them achieve prosperity, continuous, and sustainable success.

With years of experience as a life and business coach, they have all the resources needed to boost any business and see that it flourishes and thrives even in the most difficult moments. She and her team have created wonderful planning tools like our Multiple Income Stream Planner, to inspiring reads like The Universal Millionaire Plan Act Grow Repeat, down to complete business development tools like the Multiple Income Stream Kings & Queens Blueprint.

Dr. T. Anderson Ph.D. and her team work to understand their clients’ business in today’s context and design flexible, tailored training programs to meet their needs. Their services are designed to catapult businesses to newer heights of organizational integrity and enhance their potential for accelerated growth. Their team comprises of experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who are committed to using their talents for building and growing a business to help other business owners reach their goals.

Dr. T. Anderson Ph.D. provides extensive business, executive and leadership coaching solutions and consulting services for growing organizations. The firm creates better leaders for today and tomorrow by enhancing the core skills of individuals, and empowering them to take steps towards dynamic growth. Their expertise brings improvement in aspects including operational efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

Aside from business and executive coaching, Dr T. Anderson Ph.d further add value to her services with fringe benefits like providing industry-specific recommendations that are very comparable to business consultancy and mentor-mentee relationships, as well as giving advice that’s reminiscent of executive therapy and help in sharing business strategies, encouragement, motivation, and providing some level of support for emotional needs that are unique in a business environment. Her practical and effective solutions for business growth are easy to implement. Each client is different and she aims to create a partnership prior to, during and after interventions to ensure great results and client satisfaction.


Dr. T. Anderson Ph.D. is a formidable and unique blend of knowledge & understanding of the business world.  She is a certified life coach and a serial entrepreneur speaker. She is ambitious, passionate and motivated to serve the entrepreneurial world through the help of her business consultancy and remarkable knowledge. She attained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, she hold a degree in Respiratory Therapy, and also an expert and proficient grant manager/writer who excel in the art of Federal Grant Management.

She is presently spearheading different distinctive business ventures that are related to the fields of grant writing, graphic designing, business consultancy and more.  In 2015, she formulated Millionaires Grant Writing, and since then, she has been working on the platform as an owner, grant manager/writer. Succeeding this, she has also established the Universal Millionaire Consulting Group. In 2011, she created a Dallas-based firm responsible for the development of high-standard website graphics and contents. She recently launched a new website for her business allowing even more people to have access to her wide range of services. The newly launched website also allows users to book sessions online as well as gain access to the other services offered.

For more information, visit https://www.drtandersonphd.com/

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