Certified Health Coach, Jen Fraham, Announces Free Online Class For Unique Health & Fitness Secrets

The unique system has reportedly helped 274 busy women, entrepreneurs, and moms jumpstart their metabolism and lose over 20 pounds in 60 days

Jen Frahm is delighted to announce that women currently struggling with being overweight, can register for her free online masterclass, to learn about a unique weight loss system that is already helping busy women like themselves, get in the best shape of their lives.

The tenacious fitness expert is a certified health coach and elite gymnast, with degrees in exercise sports science, as well as advanced certifications in nutrition & health coaching.

In her Metabolism Jumpstart Method free online masterclass, Jen Frahm, reveals the shocking 3 step weight loss system which she claims has helped 275 busy women, entrepreneurs, and moms to jumpstart their metabolism and lose over 20 pounds in just 60 days.

According to Jen, these women were able to get into the best shape of their lives without having to skip meals, prepare crazy diet plans, or even lift a single set of weights. 

Jen posits that although exercising more and going in for fad diets can force extra weight out of a person’s body, the practice is however not sustainable as it doesn’t support the body’s ability to function optimally. 

The certified health coach insists that the most effective weight loss practices must first address the underlying health conditions and habits that create the build-up of unwanted fat in the first place.

“When I addressed the underlying systems of being unhealthy, my digestive system started to heal, the pain subsided, the weight came off and stayed off. I had more energy to pour into clients and life.”

As opposed to investing time and effort into traditional approaches like fitness regimes and counting calories, Jen Frahm suggests that women trying to get in shape must first tackle their body’s inability to fully absorb nutrients, which invariably leads to weight loss resistance, due to the decreased absorption of vital minerals & nutrients.

“Here’s the truth, exercise for weight loss is not one of the top health benefits of exercise. Regular exercise has great health benefits. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, your best bet is to restore your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities first. The ability to lose weight is really about your body’s current ability to burn fat.”

Through the free online masterclass, participants will receive specific details on the steps contained in the Metabolism Jumpstart Method, and also learn how they can adopt them to get the best results.

Anyone interested in attending the free online masterclass can register by simply clicking on the following link: https://www.metabolismjumpstartmethod.com/register

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