Certified Club helps consumers choose the best companies with its new research and verification service

Leading independent research and survey company, Certified Club, announces the official launch of its new business research and verification to help locals find the right businesses and service providers within their area.

Certified Club is one of the leading independent research and survey companies providing objective and unbiased reviews of businesses and companies. The company’s services are designed to help consumers, investors and other such institutions make informed decision when dealing or transacting with businesses in their area. Certified Club recently announced the official launch of its new research and verification service.

There are tens to hundreds of similar businesses and service providers in a particular area. The number of such businesses makes it somewhat difficult for people to hire the right business for their project. This is particularly true for people that are new to the area or do not have prior experience in such a project. The relatively inadequate information about hiring the right company has often led many to either paying exorbitantly high prices for services or losing their money to frauds that disguise as service providers.

While assessing and analyzing companies before selecting a particular one is usually advised, the stress of going through this process has often inhibited people. Investigating and reviewing several companies can be time-consuming and expensive. This is where Certified Club and the company’s newly introduced service are particularly helpful.

Certified Club assesses and evaluate each company, stating the top 10 local businesses within a particular area. This on one hand helps consumers to choose the right company for their project, saving them the time and stress of doing their individual research. The evaluation and subsequent review also helps to reduce the risk of consumers losing their money to fraudulent companies.

Certified Club assesses and provide reviews on service providers from several industries. Some of the categories of services and businesses reviewed on the site include architecture, cabinet companies, general contractors, and providers of financial services as well as a list of other categories. This ensures that users of the site and consumers alike get a category that matches their needs regardless of what they are.

Certified Club allows users to find the best local companies in their area by simply putting the ZIP in the appropriate field. Subsequently, a list showing the top 10 companies providing that particular service within the area is shown. This allows consumers to make their choice easily within a few minutes. Consumers can also be rest assured of choosing the best possible company in the category based on cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Each company in the locality is listed based on reviews and feedback from previous customers. As part of Certified Club’s due diligence, the company uses true data to carryout its assessment, with the least company on the list having to score 90 percent.

The research and assessment done by Certified Club which results in the top 10 list is not just beneficial to the consumers. The list also signifies the company’s outstanding performance as well as putting every company on their toes. With companies having the knowledge of an unbiased research and verification process, they tend to sit up and deliver high quality service. This consequently helps to increase efficiency and effectiveness as each business looks to outperform the other and grow their hold of the market. This is so as they know that optimal service delivery will put them on the top 10 list, and grow their sales figures.

The list by Certified Club is also a promotional tool for businesses, as more people in the area get to know of them and their excellent service delivery. The free ad service is also another reason businesses should be looking to be on the illustrious list of top service providers in their area.

Certified Club uses a transparent, unbiased system in making the list. The research steps can be found on the company website. The steps include sending an invitation or getting a recommendation for a local business to be a part of the research, asking the company for necessary documents, and conducting a phone conversation with a representative of the company.

The research criteria for the process include licensing, insurance, time in business, list of clients, complaints, worker’s compensation, interview process and survey score. Certified Club is obviously doing all that is necessary to ensure that clients and consumers make the right choice when hiring a service provider either for a new service or a relatively old one.

The research company has been receiving accolades for its excellent service delivery and assistance to consumers across the United States. “Certified Club was easy to use, at the beginning I didn’t get it but when I understand what they do to qualify companies I gave it a try. Well, it was a right decision I found what I was looking for very fast. My friend use Certified Club to find anything I think I will be that guy as well, the companies who are listed excellent companies I know that for a fact,” says Carlos G.

“Certified Club is an awesome tool to use, we looked for lawyers in Palo Alto, CA. It was a specialty that was hard to find we did a simple search on Certified Club and we ended up finding the best Lawyer in the area 100% sure about it as well! It’s really easy to use the service. Just a few clicks and we found it. It’s really easy to use the service. Just a few clicks and we found it,” says Larry F.

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More information about Certified Club and the processes of the company can be found on the website, with an explainer video detailing the features and benefits of Certified Club.

About Certified Club

Certified Club is new player in the research industry. Certified Club is an independent research and survey company that focuses on helping consumers make the right choice of businesses and other such service providers within their area. The company evaluates companies and provides reviews based on the categories of the industry, with the reviews done based on the feedback from past clients.

The company’s excellent service delivery has made it the go-to brand for the best advice and recommendations with regard to local contractors. Certified Club provides services to clients at every level of their organization, and in every category of product or service you might need. The services help to save consumers time and money that would have been expended on carrying out research individually.

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