CertificationPoint Is Helping College Students Hone Next Level Skills and Gain Real-World Experience through Project-Based Learning

Many students fresh out of college are not immediately fit for employment because no one knows their ability and capacity. CertificationPoint offers a unique Future of Work platform where students can build work experience, collaborate on businesses work projects, and build a national peer network through college student freelance

Shreveport, Louisiana – CertificationPoint is proud to announce their range of services, offering college student freelance work experience builders opportunities. Students who take part in these projects get connected to local, national, and global companies for the purpose of gaining real-world experience through project-based learning.

Some of the services they offer include online certification exams, developer resources, work experience builder, career portal dashboard, collaborative innovation, student freelance course, and so much more. Through their programs, employers now find it easier to locate top rated students and alumni straight out of college, to add to their teams and workforce.

The CertificationPoint platform is easy to use, offering membership sign up, and an opportunity for both students and mentors to connect.

To learn more, please visit https://www.certificationpoint.org.

CertificationPoint’s focus is helping students to reach their potential and validate their credentials in any chosen career path. With these available resources, students will be able to easily verify their credentials and show themselves worthy of becoming part of the workforce that will drive the next big innovations.

They offer a very strategic Work Experience Builders for students to share their work accomplishments internally and externally. With this awesome initiative, students don’t have to finish college before getting the necessary requirements to fit into a career network and impress prospective employers.

The Career Gateway Path Program, a student freelance simulator,  is also available for students(as well as registered members) to become comfortable with the platform, to gain experience, and build confidence in their ability to sell their current skill-set. Completion of a leading accelerator program with NewChip, an Austin, TX based company, is evidence of CertificationPoint’s commitment to the success of their members. For interested investors, the accelerator showcase is scheduled for September 2019.

Three free membership and three premier  opportunities are available for participants. Hiring officials and those needing custom services can register for free to manage and collaborate locally or globally while working with responsible and talented college students in a mentor-led collaborative environment.

College student freelancers can register to hone versatile skills during college, which is the best way to start building a network across the nation. The Mentoring Connect registration is for professionals seeking to facilitate awesome student projects while earning income for their contributions.

For more information, please contact us using the media contact information provided or via the social media accounts listed below.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CertificationPoint1

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CertPointOrg

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