Ceramic Artist Danyang Song Awarded Prestigious NCECA Multicultural Fellowship

New York, NY – Celebrated ceramic artist Danyang Song has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious 2024 Multicultural Fellowship awarded by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). This recognition underscores Song’s significant contributions to the field of ceramic arts, where she has skillfully blended traditional Chinese techniques with modern conceptual approaches.

The Multicultural Fellowships initiative, now in its tenth year, was designed to support diversity, equity, and inclusion within the ceramic arts. The 2024 conference, held in Richmond, featured a special welcome and recognition reception on March 20.

2024 Multicultural Fellowships Recipients Poser. Image Courtesy of NCECA.

Danyang Song, a ceramic artist of notable repute and a vibrant exponent of traditional and modern ceramic techniques, was selected from an impressive pool of applicants due to her compelling blend of artistry and philosophy. 

Born and raised in China, Danyang Song’s work is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between heritage and innovation. Her creative process incorporates advanced technologies such as clay 3D printing with age-old practices like wheel throwing and coil building, making her artworks a dialogue between the past and the present. This unique approach not only honors her Chinese cultural roots but also pushes the boundaries of ceramic art into new realms of expression and form.

Floating, Danyang Song, 2022. Image Courtesy of Danyang Song.

The fellowship highlights Song’s role as a pioneer in the ceramic arts, particularly emphasizing her efforts to fuse Eastern traditions with Western techniques. Her work is marked by its exploration of “Tian Ren He Yi” (Harmony between nature and man), a theme that resonates through her use of materials and subject matter. Song’s works often draw inspiration from the natural and spiritual world, reflecting her deep philosophical inquiries into human interaction with their environment.

“Receiving the NCECA Multicultural Fellowship is a profound honor and a delightful encouragement for my artistic journey,” said Danyang Song. “This opportunity not only validates my artistic explorations but also enhances my ability to share my cultural heritage through the universal medium of ceramics.”

Shadow Cave, Danyang Song, 2022. Image Courtesy of Danyang Song.

Danyang Song has consistently been recognized for her artistic excellence and her commitment to the ceramic arts. Her recent achievements include receiving honorable mentions for the 2024 MyMA Grant, being named a 2023 SheShapes Art+ Fellow, and winning the 2023 CACR Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards. Additionally, she holds the position of Vice President at the Royal College of Art China Forum and was recently listed among the “US Top 30 Under 30 Chinese Youth Elite.”

Finding the Balance, Danyang Song, 2023. Image Courtesy of Danyang Song.

In addition, Danyang Song has had an impressive array of exhibitions over the past year, showcasing her innovative work across the United States and China. Her recent exhibitions include “Fresh Faces” at the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston, “Splendid Craft Art Fair” in Guangzhou, “2023 Exhibition of Contemporary Art” at Yibo Gallery, “Blue” at Kathryn Schultz Gallery in Boston, “(be)longing” at Latela Curatorial in Washington D.C., “Materiality Unleashed” at Li Tang Gallery in New York, and “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” at The Blanc Gallery in New York.

Danyang Song continues to serve as an inspirational figure in the ceramic arts community, proving that art can be a powerful medium for cultural expression and exchange.

Portrait of Danyang Song. Image Courtesy of Danyang Song.

For more information about the NCECA and the 2024 Multicultural Fellowship, please visit NCECA’s website. If you’d like to explore more artworks by Danyang Song, please visit www.danyangart.com.

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