CEO, World Clock, Announced Plan of the Company to Provide their Services to More Cities

World Clock CEO, Lan Shutts Made This Announcement today In Their Special Event

Los Angeles, CA, USA – World Clock Company, today during their special event announced their plan to add more cities to their services. The reason for this addition is mainly to give more people opportunity to benefit from their service. Their aim is basically to cover the entire world in making accurate time available to all. This is the most popular company providing global time telling, weather forecast and statistics in most of the major cities around the world. They have discovered that more cities need to be covered in their service to give their customers opportunity to benefit from what they offer. Their number of visitors will increase following increase in their coverage.

World Clock is a popular company providing time telling, weather and statistics with unmatched precision. This company is now the best for travelers and businesses around. Their accuracy in time telling is suitable for those scheduling international teleconferences and flight booking. Make use of their time converter or even their map to find out trading hours of other businesses overseas. They are providing this service to cities of the world. With their readiness to add more cities into their time zone map more people will benefit from what they offer.

Lan Shutts while talking with people in the event said, “World Clock is a time-telling company with high level of precision that is unmatchable. We have designed our platform to give users opportunity to search for cities and countries without hassle. Though we already cover major cities of the world, we are ready to add more cities in our time telling, weather forecasting and statistics. With more cities added it is believed that our services will get to more people globally making it easy for them to observe business time overseas.”

The event attracted the attention of a large number of people from all corners of the world. Some of the people in the event include Business experts, travelers, international conference organizers, and flight attendants to count but a few. A participant in this event in a bid to show appreciation said, “World Clock specializes in providing world time, weather and statistics with untold precision to cities of the world.” Their time-telling accuracy has made them the company to look for when you want to observe business time in other parts of the world. They believe strongly in the high precision of their service making them their site the best place to check for world statistics and time telling. Confidently, increase in the cities covered will boost the activity of people in the world.”

Men and women of honor, business tycoon, travelers, flight bookers, and attendants were present at this event. Happily, someone in the arena said, “Among other time telling companies of the world, World Clock is the best you can ever find. They work hard to remain the finest in the midst of others. Now they have decided to increase their range of coverage by adding more major cities of the world in their service. Expectantly, those in the newly added cities will have a breath of fresh air in doing business with their counterpart overseas.”

Those that want to learn more about the services provided by this company can check out for more info on their official site at

In the world at large, this company is famous for providing accurate statistics, time telling and weather. Adding to this, they are making sure that their services get to more people in the world by including more cities and countries.

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