CEO Of NeoDocto, Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa meets With Dr. Aman Warr, The Assistant Medical Officer, Meghalaya, India to explore malaria eradication in Shillong.

“Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa , CEO of Neodocto, Dr. Aman Warr, Assistant medical Officer , Meghalaya and Mr. Alexander laloo Hek, Health minister of Meghalaya, India during a joint meeting in Shillong, India.”
During his tour in Meghalaya for propagating the Malaria Eradication Program of NeoDocto, the CEO Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa met the Assistant Medical Officer and Deputy Director of Health Services of the state to discuss and explore different strategies to eradicate malaria from Meghalaya.

 Manhattan, New York (April 20, 2018) –NeoDocto’s Corporate Social Responsibility is to eliminate Malaria from all over the world. To achieve the same, they have initiated the Malaria Eradication Program. With a view to taking this program to the different countries of the world, particularly to the countries that contribute to the number of malaria deaths in the nation, he is traveling in such nations like India.

 India is in the fourth position as per the World Health Organization report with respect to the number of deaths caused by Malaria. So, the CEO of NeoDocto Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa is presently traveling in India, particularly the Northeastern states in the country to propagate the Malaria Eradication program of NeoDocto. He is meeting different state dignitaries in this regard. In this process, he recently met Dr. Aman Warr, who is not just the Assistant Medical Officer, but also the Deputy Director of Health Services (Administration) in the state.

 As he is a medical officer, Dr. Aman, very well knows about the malaria disease and the effect it has on the humans. So, Mr. Sanneerappa found it easier to explain the Malaria Eradication Program to Dr. Aman. He talked about the initiatives NeoDocto takes to completely eradicate Malaria from different parts of the world, which includes India as well. As the state of Meghalaya is one of the highest contributing states for the Malaria deaths in India, he insisted about the measures to take to completely eradicate this disease from the districts in the state that contribute to the higher number of deaths.

 Dr. Aman completely gathered the details provided by Mr. Madhukar and he also asked about the types of measures that NeoDocto takes to educate people about the ill-effects of malaria and the ways to prevent this deadly disease from spreading and causing deaths among small children and pregnant women.

 NeoDocto believes that its approaches to provide health education to the people is to make sure that ideally, they are free from any disease. This is because a person free of disease can experience happiness better and the number of working hours lost by an individual during a disease can be converted to be more productive  to improve his lives and his loved ones.

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NeoDocto aims to provide healthcare services just at the finger tap away. The team at NeoDocto strongly believes that the key to success is to add value to the customers and business partners. The company was incorporated on the 26th of August 2016 and the headquarters is located in New York, USA. This mobile based healthcare solution provider has their operations in different world destinations. Their aim is to offer complete healthcare services to more than 7 billion people across the world. They are happy that they are first and they would be satisfied if they are the best.

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