Cemented Carbide Scraper Blades Are An Important Processing Tool Accessory

Carbide scraper blade is a manufacturing tool, usually made of tungsten-cobalt alloy. Cemented carbide scraper blades are widely used in metal processing, woodworking, plastic processing and other fields, and are an important processing tool accessory.

The production process of tungsten carbide scraper blade usually includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: Prepare tungsten powder, cobalt powder and other alloy materials and mix them well according to the formula.

Forming and pressing: Put the mixed alloy powder into the mold, after high pressure molding, to form a preliminary shape of scraper blade under high temperature and pressure.

Sintering: The molded scraper blade is put into a high temperature furnace for sintering treatment to sinter the alloy powder into a hard whole.

Fine Processing: The sintered scraper blade is subjected to fine processing, including grinding, polishing and other processes, so that the scraper blade reaches the required size and surface finish.

Quality inspection and packaging: the finished scraper blades are quality inspected to check the size, hardness and surface quality, and after passing the qualification, they are packaged and ready to be marketed and sold.

The main features of cemented carbide scraper blades include:

Super-hard materials: Cemented carbide scraper blades are usually made of super-hard materials such as tungsten-cobalt alloy, which have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, and can keep the knife edge sharp when handling high hardness materials.

High-precision processing: The scraper blades are precision ground and polished, with high surface finish, which is conducive to improving the quality and accuracy of the processed surface. Various sizes and shapes: Cemented carbide scraper blades can be produced in various sizes and shapes according to different processing needs, suitable for different processing occasions.

Long service life: Due to the characteristics of cemented carbide material, the scraper blade has a long service life, and under the condition of correct use and maintenance, the frequency of tool replacement can be reduced, saving costs.

Usage: When using the carbide scraper blade, you need to press the blade smoothly on the surface to be removed, and then scrape the target with appropriate strength and angle to ensure that the scraper blade has good contact with the surface.


Before use, make sure the scraper blade is intact, free of cracks and damages, and make sure the blade is firmly installed.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and eyeglasses, to prevent injury during use.

Avoid hitting the blade against hard or foreign objects to avoid damage to the blade.

Maintain a firm position during use to avoid violent shaking or improper use.

After use, the scraper blade should be properly stored, timely cleaning and maintenance of the blade, to extend the service life.

The scraper blades produced by Zigong Xinhua Industrial Company are sold well in shipbuilding factories. When purchasing and using carbide scraper blades, it is recommended to carefully understand the performance parameters and scope of application of the product, and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

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