Cell Line Authentification Services from Creative Bioarray are Avaliable Now

June 13, 2017, cell line authentification services, which are now the indispensable step in the scientific process, have been completely available in Creative Bioarray, a biotech company being dedicated to cell research fields for many years.

“this should be a breakthrough for Creative Bioarray to offer cell line authentification services. In order to meet all kinds of requirements from our clients, our scientists have contributed a lot to this project. Customers can use our services with confidence.” said Dr. Jane, senior scientific officer.

With the world’s most comprehensive list of cells, Creative Bioarray has realized that the cell line authentification is the most significant part during scientific process and some improper performance, such as labeling errors, incorrect classification by pathologists, and cross-contamination with other cell types can lead to inaccurate experimental results.

In this newly-developed services, the most notable part is the short tandem repeats profile service, which is critical for verifying the identity of human cell lines, and ensuring uniqueness of the cell line and detecting laboratory errors. What’s more, this service designed with sensitivity and high power of discrimination features is also available for all kinds of types of cell authentification.

Work flow of our cell authentification service:

The str testing service include but not limited to:

  1. Establishing an STR profile of a newly derived or reprogrammed cell line
  2. DNA extraction and amplification
  3. STR profile comparison analysis
  4. Fast turnaround time
  5. High accuracy, competitive price

The development of cell line authentification service is the inevitable choice for Creative Bioarray to become the authoritative supplier in cell research fields. With years of expertise and advanced equipment, Creative Bioarray is committed to develop more reliable services for customers.

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