Celebrate Women’s History Month with San Diego’s Women in Photography Our Visual Voice

San Diego, CA – February 6, 2018 – February 9 through March 8, the Luxe Gallery at City College hosts a curated exhibit of 50 of San Diego’s best photographers in Women in Photography: Our Visual Voice, a collaboration with San Diego City College’s Photography Department, Nelson’s Photographic Supplies and Miller’s Professional Imaging. Women are often under-represented in some fields, and photography is no exception, but this exhibit features some beautiful work in a variety of styles by some of San Diego’s most accomplished female photographers, presenting current trends in the industry.

Fine art photographer and co-curator Monica Royal said, “This exhibit represents what professional female photographers are doing today. When we posted the call for entries, we asked them to submit work they were proud of, to submit images that were meaningful to them. Some of the images you will see may be client work and some will be personal passion projects, but every single image represents that photographer’s artistic voice. We’re here to celebrate women and their contribution to the photography industry.”

Royal specializes in macro photography and submitted a new piece to represent her body of work, “Whimsical Wish,” which features a natural element she picked up on a field trip to the desert and a lot of creative application of her Photoshop skills. “It’s a recent piece that I created with a lot of digital manipulation,” she said. “A real exercise in visual design. It’s a study in symmetry and it shows my personal growth in trying to master a sophisticated design aesthetic.”

Photographer Natalie Chiles is new to San Diego and has found great support and camaraderie with Women in Photography. “I’ve found at tribe of women who support me, and this is huge in such a competitive industry,” Chiles said. “Being in the show as an equal among women I’ve long admired and aspired to be like – this is also a personal goal achieved.” Chiles’ piece is an example of modern school portraiture, an area that allows her to create a successful work/life balance. “Children provide so much expression, emotion, and energy that a traditional school portrait doesn’t convey. It’s time to honor each child individually, and it can be done.”

Other art in the exhibit runs the gamut from family portraiture to commercial work, fine art, and The exhibit kicks off on Friday, February 9, at 6:30pm to 8:30pm with a reception where attendees can meet the featured artists and discuss their work. The Luxe Gallery of Photography is located on the 5th floor of City College’s V Building-Career Technology Center at 1081 16th Street.

The Luxe Gallery is open 10:00am – 8:30pm Monday – Thursday, and 10am – 3pm on Friday, or by appointment by contacting the gallery at (619)388-3281. Parking is available on the street or in the paid parking structure at 17th and C Street.

The 50 featured photographers are: Monica Royal, Christianne Keila Dowd, Natalie Chiles, Ashley DuChene, Zeena Gregg, Marie Monfort, Kinda Arzon, Rosanna Barr, Melissa McClure-Vint, Terri Rippee, Kristin Rachelle Brown, Leyna Butcher, Andrea Gruber Matthies, Terran Bayer, Holly Ireland, Daniela Larsen, Julia Badei, Jennifer Dery, Jell Denny, Suzanne Ofeldt, Tiffany Allen, Marisa McBride, Zeynep Dogu Cameron, Valeria Alkan, Laura Popejoy-Henry, Jen Acosta, Erika Thorne, Ariel Dolfo, Kristen LiVigni, Chris Wojdak, Kate Mills, Janet Bark, Annie Laurie Haynes, Chrystal Walker Cienfuegos, Catherine Hatfield, Andrea Reeves, Sophie Crew, Robin Harris, Amber Barley, Katrina Murphy, Laura Bravo Mertz, Janis Foley, Amy Gray, Shelby Leininger, Delshad Xenakis, Jamie Street, Tess Desharnais, Sarah Layne, Traci Wutke, and Jennifer Zarcone.

Monica Royal, Ashley DuChene, Natalie Chiles, Christianne Dowd, and others are available to appear with their artwork in your studio and on-site at the Luxe Gallery in advance of the opening.

For more information, please contact:

Monica Royal, Co-Curator

Natalie Chiles, Co-Curator

Ashley DuChene, Co-Curator

Christianne Dowd, Co-Curator

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