Celebrate Star Wars Day Early with Fortnite’s New “Star Wars: Kamino” Map by LLamaLoot Games

Celebrate Star Wars Day Early with Fortnite's New "Star Wars: Kamino" Map by LLamaLoot Games

In anticipation of the massive Star Wars festivities returning to Fortnite on May 3rd, LLamaLoot Games, independent developer, unveils its latest creation: “Star Wars: Kamino,” a new Fortnite map available now!

Map Code: 5477-1709-8614

Dive into the Heart of the Clone Wars – Star Wars BattleFront II (Classic, 2005) throwback

“Star Wars: Kamino” thrusts players into the center of an epic battle on the iconic oceanic planet of Kamino, known for its critical role in the Clone Wars. This Creative 2.0 map, designed for Star Wars Day celebrations, offers an immersive and action-packed way to experience the Star Wars universe before the official Fortnite x Star Wars event kicks off.

Features of “Star Wars: Kamino”

• Choose your soldier class and engage in intense 16v16 battles with 15 additional bots per team.

• Fight for strategic capture points on a meticulously crafted Kamino environment.

• Explore the map, find supply areas, and avoid falling into the watery abyss!

• Immerse yourself in Star Wars lore and prepare for the larger Fortnite x Star Wars event arriving on May 3rd.

Join the Fray Now!

Players can access “Star Wars: Kamino” now by entering the map code 5477-1709-8614 through Fortnite’s search function.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cX-NVTnUyw

Prepare your blasters and get ready for an early taste of Star Wars Day action!

Map Details: Star Wars: Kamino – Battlefront II (Classic, 2005)

May the 4th be with you!

About LLamaLoot Games

LLamaLoot Games is an independent developer passionate about creating unique and engaging experiences for players. “Star Wars: Kamino” is their latest creation, a tribute to the beloved Star Wars universe, built within the Fortnite Creative 2.0 platform.

About Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is one of the leading interactive entertainment companies and providers of 3D engine technology. Fortnite not only offers an expansive gaming universe but also serves as a robust platform for players to create, connect, and engage in new, imaginative ways.


Posted on December 26, 2023

In an exciting development for Fortnite fans, the creative duo known as LLama Loot has unveiled their latest creation, “GAUNTLET 2D“.

Inspired by the classic Gauntlet arcade-style NES game, this innovative map brings a nostalgic blend of adventure and action to Fortnite’s versatile universe.

Map Overview


Creator: LLama Loot (a two-brother team)

Code: 1104-2245-0868

Genre: Top-Down Adventure, Action, Arcade


Navigate through intricate top-down mazes to find the exit.

Four playable classes: Wizard, Valkyrie, Elf, Warrior.

Each class offers a unique challenge to conquer the Gauntlet 2D.

Destructible columns that can be broken with a pickaxe.

Limited lives: Players have only three attempts.

Original soundtrack enhancing the gameplay experience.

Multiplayer: Play Gauntlet with friends and tackle dungeons together.

Future updates: More dungeons to be added.

Gameplay Mechanics

Choose your Hero class.

Collect coins and keys to progress through dungeons.

Eliminate creatures for coin rewards.

Technical Aspects

Created using Fortnite’s UEFN and Creative 2.0 tools.

Incorporation of the recently released beta Gameplay Camera and Control Devices.

Utilization of the Fixed Angle Camera device and the Third Person Controls device to craft a top-down dungeon crawler experience.

Creators’ Vision

“We are thrilled to bring a piece of classic gaming nostalgia into the Fortnite world,” say the LLama Loot brothers. “Our love for games we played as kids inspired us to create GAUNTLET 2D. We believe it will be a fun challenge for both new and veteran players to experience this updated classic. We eagerly await to see how the newer generation of gamers tackles these dungeons!”

LLama Loot has been known for their innovative and original Fortnite maps, and GAUNTLET 2D stands out as one of their favorite projects. With their creative use of Fortnite’s latest tools, they have successfully brought a beloved classic into the modern gaming era.

Experience GAUNTLET 2D Now

Fortnite players can dive into the GAUNTLET 2D adventure by visiting https://www.fortnite.com/creative/island-codes/1104-2245-0868 or use the island code: 1104-2245-0868. Get ready to choose your hero, conquer dungeons, and relive a classic in a whole new way!


In the creation of GAUNTLET 2D, LLama Loot skillfully utilized the capabilities of UEFN and Creative 2.0 tools, a testament to their technical prowess and creative vision in the Fortnite ecosystem. Key to bringing the top-down dungeon crawler to life was their innovative use of the Fixed Angle Camera device and the Third Person Controls device.

The Fixed Angle Camera device allowed LLama Loot to establish a consistent top-down view, essential for replicating the classic arcade-style experience. This tool was instrumental in creating a familiar yet fresh perspective for players, reminiscent of traditional 2D dungeon crawlers. The camera setup provided a clear and strategic view of the mazes, enhancing navigation and gameplay.

Complementing this, the Third Person Controls device enabled smooth and intuitive character movement within this unique environment. By adapting these controls to a top-down perspective, LLama Loot ensured that players could navigate the mazes and engage in action seamlessly, maintaining the arcade game’s spirit while leveraging Fortnite’s dynamic mechanics.

Together, these tools from Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 suite brought GAUNTLET 2D to life, blending nostalgia with modern gaming technology. LLama Loot’s adept use of UEFN and Creative 2.0 tools showcases not only their technical skill but also their commitment to delivering engaging and innovative gaming experiences.

For any inquiries, collaborations, or more information about their latest projects, feel free to reach out to LLamaLoot through the provided contact details.

Please note: LlamaLoot Games is not affiliated with Epic Games. “Star Wars: Kamino” is a fan-made creation available in Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode.

Celebrate Star Wars Day Early with LlamaLoot Games and Get Ready for the Official Fortnite x Star Wars Event Arriving May 3rd!

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