Cede, new combat farming game bursts evil into seeds that transform into vegetation, launches on Kickstarter

Cede is the newly launched combat farming game that allows the players to burst evil enemies into seeds that transform into vegetation. The game launched on Kickstarter aims to raise $65,000 and so far received good response from the backers but still, there is a long way to go to complete the project, which will only be funded if it reaches its goal. Unlike the other spin on video games that have a lot of bloodshed going on, Cede allows the player to transform monsters into seeds when they are defeated. These seeds grow into plants and boost the player’s power to fight more enemies.

Cede is set in a post-apocalypse universe which is overpowered by evil monsters who have turned the world into a wasteland. The only way to turn the barren lands green again is by combat farming that is, fighting the monsters and turning them into seeds that grow plants. The game has a Christian foundation and it is built around the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. It provides many powerful messages and is designed to be a family-friendly game that can be played by anyone including parents.

The main character of the game is Seph who has multiple powers including dodge, move plants, roll and more that allows him to defeat enemies. He also has three little supporters called Lil Bois, each having different combat farming abilities. The first Lil Boi is called Lil Bush who can throw seeds at the enemies to destroy them, the second one is named Flow, who is a Water Boi that can grow and attack with water, the third one is called Ray, who is a Sun Boi, that can grow and attack with sun rays. The player can switch between the three Lil Bois at once and use the ability that they require at a certain point of the game. Using the Lil Bois on plant transformations can help the player in leveling up their plants to make them stronger in combat.

The game features a Dynamic Planting System that includes two types of combative vegetation called defender and supporter plants. The defender plants attack the monsters while the supporter plants boost the player’s health and stats. The game allows the player to pick up these plants and replant them strategically to destroy monsters in any area.

Apart from bringing a great and positive concept into life, Cede also features high-quality 3D graphics that keep the user hooked for a long time. The game also enables the player to bring materials that they find in the worlds to their own personal hub farm to grow crops. They can use these crops to level up their Lil Bois and make them stronger for Combat Farming.

Cede is developed by the independent game studio, BareHand. What is really special about this team is that %90 of its developers are minorities within the gaming industry including R.J. DuBois (female writer for the story of Cede), and the founder Edwin Jack, an African American minority within the game industry.  This game is their dream project and they have made endless sacrifices to get to this point.

BareHand urges the masses to support the Kickstarter campaign and pre-order the game at a special price. 

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