CDG Certification Limited celebrates offering more than 15000 certificates to businesses in India and abroad

CDG Certification Limited is a well-known ISO certification company and operates from India, Asia, Middle East and Asia Pacific. The independent certification body has rewarded more than 15000 certificates so far to businesses in India and abroad. It is one of the fastest growing international ISO certification body that offers management team certifications, product certifications, compliance auditing, inspection & testing as well as training to the employees for improving the businesses performance.

By providing trainings to the employees in areas such as lead auditing, internal auditing, and awareness courses, the company helps the businesses in improving the overall performance of the employees which in turn enhances the revenues too. Having various certifications is not only necessary for the businesses but also improves their credibility. The company specializes in providing all kinds of ISO certifications and product certifications such as CE marking and SIL, compliance auditing for GDP, CMMI certifications, EBC audit etc.  The businesses can also avail the third-party inspection service by CDG Certification Limited.

CDG Certification Limited consists of a team of highly trained and experienced professionals to offer the latest systems certifications and promote quality concepts. It is one of the most trusted ISO certificate providers in the world which has helped many businesses improve their performance. The company is expanding fast and spreading its wings worldwide. With offices all across the globe, the company is on its way to becoming one of the leading certification providers in the world.

CDG Certification Limited caters to the needs of all kinds of businesses whether big or small and it is evident from the multiple numbers of testimonials written by the customers. “I’m extremely satisfied with the dealing of my case(clinic) for ISO certification. This certification will help in monitoring and improvement of quality management systems in my clinic. Suggestions of the auditor helped me a lot.” -Dr. Somesh, Dr. Grover’s Dental Clinic. “The ISO 9001 certification audit done by CDG Certification Limited is a great experience for us. It helped us in identifying non-conforming areas of our quality management system.” – Mr. Jitendra, OmantraInfraprojects Ltd.

ISO certification is an essential quality management certificate in India and the process of getting it is no more a hassle with CDG Certification Limited’s seamless customer service and assistance by trained professionals. Additionally, the fact that company operates worldwide helps it understand the needs of different types of customers which constantly helps them in improving their services.

More information about the certificates and services can be found on company’s official website.

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