CD Genomics Launches Expanded Genomics Solutions Including Complete Plasmid DNA Sequencing and Amplicon Sequencing

Leading global sequencing service provider, CD Genomics, launches expanded genomics sequencing services, including complete plasmid DNA sequencing and NGS amplicon sequencing.

Leading global sequencing service provider, CD Genomics, launches expanded genomics sequencing services, including complete plasmid DNA sequencing and NGS amplicon sequencing.

“CD Genomics scientists are constantly looking for new techniques to expand our services to better assist our customers in accelerating their scientific research. By expanding our industry-leading NGS sequencing capabilities to include completed plasmid DNA sequencing, as well as offering two new levels of amplicon sequencing, we are always making efforts and finding breakthrough and innovations!” says said by Dr. Amy, CD Genomics Scientist Officer.

Complete Plasmid DNA Sequencing
Plasmids are treated as mobile genetic elements that exist extra-chromosomally and occasionally carry accessory genes that confer an advantage to their host in its ecological niche. Research results suggest that plasmids play an important evolutionary role in microbial communities by laterally introducing genes and traits into microbial genomes. They are important vehicles for rapid adaptation of bacterial populations to changing environmental conditions. The genetic variation generated by plasmid carriage within populations ensures the robustness towards environmental change. Plasmid-mediated gene transfer plays an important role not only in the mobilization and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes but also in the spread of degradative pathways and pathogenicity determinants of pathogens.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Complete validation of known plasmids
  2. Full length sequencing of unkown plasmid
  3. Complete characterization of plasmid genomes
  4. No reference sequence required
  5. Accurate assembly
  6. Cost-effective high-throughput sequencing
  7. High quality data & fast turnaround

Amplicon Sequencing
CD Genomics’ amplicon sequencing service is new NGS-based or PacBio SMRT sequencing-based, which provides a cost-effective, fast, and interactive solution for researchers to sequence mixed PCR products and an ultra deep sequencing. The purpose of the service is to allow every researcher to technology regardless of sample number or expertise. Whether detect the diversity of microbial communities or discover rare somatic mutations in complex samples, CD Genomics could provide professional, cost-efficient and high-speed amplicon sequencing services to meet various project requirements.
Key Features and Advantages

  1. Providing high-sensitive detection levels through ultra-deep sequencing
  2. Achieving high coverage by sequencing hundreds of thousands of amplicons per reaction
  3. Cost-efficient and fast turnaround time
  4. Microbial culture is not necessary
  5. Wide range of amplicons from 100 bp to 10 kb

ABOUT CD Genomics

CD Genomics is a global leader in genomics services, which ascribe to the highest standards in complete genomics solutions for sequencing experiment design, target enrichment library construction, and customized bioinformatics analysis within the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and clean energy, academic, and government institutions. The purpose is to advance the scientific discoveries.

Headquartered in New York, US, CD Genomics has served customers all over the world. For more information, visit, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

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