CD Genomics Announces an Accurate and Affordable Single-Cell Sequencing Solution for Transcriptome Analysis

CD Genomics, the USA-based genetic sequencing company, recently announces the launch of its proprietary GenSeqTM Technology to provide comprehensive Single-Cell Sequencing services.

CD Genomics, the USA-based genetic sequencing company, recently announces the launch of its proprietary GenSeqTM Technology to provide comprehensive Single-Cell Sequencing services.

We already knew that a typical human cell consists of around 2 x 3.3 billion base pairs of DNA and 600 million bases of mRNA. In normal condition, a mix of millions of cells are used during the course of sequencing the DNA or RNA with traditional methods (such as Sanger sequencing/ Illumina sequencing). With such deep sequencing of DNA and RNA from a single cell, the cellular functions can be investigated through-fully.

Under the setting of rapid progress in the development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, this field has provided many valuable insights into complex biological systems and dramatically advanced cell biology, for example, from cancer genomics to diverse microbial identification. It has been treated as a promising tool for approaching a set of seemingly inaccessible problems. For example, heterogeneous samples, rare cell types, cell lineage relationships, mosaicism of somatic tissues, analyses of microbes that cannot be cultured, and disease evolution can all be elucidated through single cell sequencing. With such progress, researchers are now increasingly moving their focus from whole to the characterization of individual cells-based technologies for genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics.

“These single-cell analyses will allow researchers to uncover new and potentially unexpected biological discoveries relative to traditional profiling methods that assess bulk populations. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), for example, can reveal complex and rare cell populations, uncover regulatory relationships between genes, and track the trajectories of distinct cell lineages in development”, as said by Byungjin Hwang.

Single-cell sequencing could be applied in:

  • Profiling scarce clinical samples
  • Measuring intra-tumor heterogeneity and guiding chemotherapy
  • Cancer cells evolution analysis during tumor progression
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Similar to NGS experiments, single cell sequencing protocols generally cover the following four steps: isolation of a single cell, nucleic acid extraction and amplification, sequencing library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic data analysis.

About CD Genomics Single-Cell Sequencing services

CD Genomics’ Single-Cell kit produces amplified DNA fragments suitable for Copy Number Variation (CNV) analysis using oligonucleotide aCGH or qPCR; SNP genotyping, mutation detection and sequencing.

Advantages of CD Genomics Single-Cell Sequencing

  • Complete: End-to-end workflow for whole transcriptome analysis of individual cells.
  • Highest throughput: Unprecedented parallel processing of up to 96 single cells per run.
  • Easiest to use: Less than three hours total hands-on time, working directly from single cells, with no RNA fragmentation and purification step.
  • Affordable: One-eighth the cost of other library preparation system.

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