Casing Rotator Bored Pile Seminar Successfully Held In Zhuhai

From May 13 to 14, the seminar on full rotation and casing rotator bored pile, jointly sponsored by soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering branch of Chinese society of civil engineering and Wuhan geotechnical engineering society, and organized by Wuhan Xindi Geotechnical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and SEMW was held in Hyatt Place Zhuhai Jinshi.

Gong Xiugang, general manager of SEMW, vice chairman of the special committee of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering branch of Chinese society of civil engineering, Xiang Yan, professor level senior engineer of Hubei Academy of construction Sciences, standing member of the special committee of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering branch of Chinese Society of civil engineering, and vice chairman of Wuhan geotechnical engineering society, Professor Hu Chunlin, secretary general and vice president of Wuhan geotechnical engineering society, Professor Zhu Yanpeng of Lanzhou University of technology, many experts of Wuhan geotechnical engineering society and 76 people from Wuhan, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Changsha, Jiangsu, Zhengzhou and Guangzhou attended the meeting.

The contents of the meeting included casing rotator construction technology, equipment and engineering practice of cast-in-place bored pile are widely exchanged.

At about 8 am on the 14th, the delegates first visited Zhuhai hengqinhui natural Anxin building project, the application of casing rotator technology in deep foundation pit pile foundation engineering. The project site is located at Hengqin port, Zhuhai City. The site has been excavated to the base. The depth of the foundation pit is 18m. More than 40 bored piles with a diameter of 1.5m and a total length of 65m (below the bottom of the pit) are constructed in the deep foundation pit. The engineering geology of the site is complex. The surface is composed of deep sea mud layer, quicksand layer and granite from top to bottom. The total time of the first test pile is less than 36 hours.

Difficulties in project construction:

(1) Complex geological conditions: the rock and soil conditions of the project site are extremely complex, 20 m underground is sea mud, 20 M-60 underground is quicksand, and the pile end enters into moderately weathered granite for 2 m;

(2) Narrow construction space: the construction site is in the deep foundation pit, adjacent to buildings, the supporting structure and the existing pile foundation crisscross, and the space is narrow, which leads to the crane unable to take soil normally, so special measures need to be taken to complete the soil taking and hole forming;

(3) High confined water in pile body: the water level of confined water is 7m higher than the bottom of the pit, which is easy to cause piping accidents in the sand layer inside the pipe, and the construction is very difficult.

The construction company adopts the first dtr2106hz self-propelled rotary drilling machine in China to carry out the project construction. The equipment is equipped with crawler device, which has the characteristics of flexible transition, large torque and high construction efficiency. It can meet the construction specifications and requirements of low altitude environment (such as culvert and tunnel) and ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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