CashflowPreneur: Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom & Massive Wealth Through Real Estate

Authors Offer Millennials The “Broke Epidemic” Remedy with Real Estate Investing.

Miramar, Florida – People don’t often realize it, but millennials are America’s largest generation – by a huge margin. There are 77 million baby boomers out there, but there are 92 million millennials. Last year, NAR’s Home Buyers & Sellers Generational Trends Report revealed nearly 40% of home buyers were under the age of 36.

But today’s millennials face some challenges. According to the Motley Fool, those between 24-36 earn $10,000 less than their parents did. When you do the math, that’s 20% less purchasing power. Add in double the levels of student debts and a distrust of the stock market. Only 13% of millennials reported a willingness to invest in stocks. And 60% expect that Social Security to be bankrupt before they retire.

How Two College Kids Decided to Take Control of Their Financial Futures…

Meet CashflowPreneur authors Camilo Palacio and Michelle Paez. This real-estate power couple decided to overcome those odds and obstacles with real estate investing. And they did it while they were still in college, facing those statistics shared straight in the face. They weren’t just numbers, they were the reality.

Michelle still remembers her very first deal. “So here I was outside, in the middle of a filthy driveway with a pressure cleaner at hand. My hopes were huge. I was still in college! Despite a limited income, I was now a new investor fixing up and selling my first house. And I did it with no money, credit or experience.”

Less than ten years later, they’ve had hundreds of real estate transactions under their belt. Plus, a rental portfolio that offers income now and well into their retirement years. “When we want to take on a new commitment, we know that means we have to add on a new property. It makes it possible to live within your means and scale up your investment portfolio,” Camilo explain.

Now, They’re Walking Others Through the Process

Camilo and Michelle understand millennials because they are millennials. But the insights they’re offering in CashflowPreneur: Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom & Massive Wealth Through Real Estate are universal. The same real estate investment strategies that work for a twenty- or thirty-something can work just as well for a Baby Boomer.

Readers will gain a clearer understanding out the best ways to make that very first deal. Explore wholesaling, rehabbing and building a cash-flow producing real estate portfolio. For serious real estate investing students, they also operate the Cashflow Properties Academy.

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